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*Spanish: '''Electromotor'''
*Spanish: '''Electromotor'''
{{AbilityVariations|Lightningrod|Motor Drive|Sap Sipper|Storm Drain|color=Electric|1color={{Electric color dark}}|2color={{Electric color dark}}|3color={{Grass color dark}}|4color={{Water color dark}}|title=[[:Category:Stat raising abilities|Stat raising abilities]]
{{AbilityVariations|Motor Drive|Sap Sipper|color=Electric|1color={{electric color dark}}|2color={{grass color dark}}}}
|1a=Dry Skin|2a=Flash Fire|3a=Sap Sipper|4a=Lightningrod|5a=Motor Drive|6a=Storm Drain|7a=Volt Absorb|8a=Water Absorb|1acolor={{Grass color dark}}|2acolor={{Fire color dark}}|3acolor={{Grass color dark}}|4acolor={{Electric color dark}}|5acolor={{Electric color dark}}|6acolor={{Water color dark}}|7acolor={{Electric color dark}}|8acolor={{Water color dark}}|titlea=[[:Category:Abilities that alter damage taken|Abilities that alter damage taken]]}}
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}

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Motor Drive でんきエンジン
Electric Engine
Flavor text
Generation IV
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
Generation V
Currently unknown
Generation VI
Currently unknown
Generation VII
Currently unknown

Motor Drive (Japanese: でんきエンジン Electric Engine) is an ability introduced in Generation IV. Four Pokémon can have this ability, all of which are Template:Type2.


In battle

Motor Drive neutralizes the damage and effects of Template:Type2 moves and increases the speed of the Pokémon hit by the move. Each time a Pokémon with this ability is hit by an Electric-type move, its speed increases by one stage.

Outside of battle

Motor Drive has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Motor Drive

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Electivire Electivire Electric Electric Motor Drive None Vital Spirit
Blitzle Blitzle Electric Electric Lightningrod Motor Drive Sap Sipper
Zeburaika Zeburaika Electric Electric Lightningrod Motor Drive Sap Sipper
Emolga Emolga Electric Flying Static None Motor Drive
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  • For Generation IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.
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In the anime

None.png 150px Paul Electivire Motor Drive.png None.png
Volkner's Electivire Paul's Electivire
The user absorbs Electric attacks to increase its speed.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
466 Electivire Electivire can absorb Electric-type attacks that are sent at it. When it does, yellow sparks of electricity surrounds its body, and it spins its arms rapidly, giving it a golden aura. Electivire's speed then increases.
Volkner's Electivire The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! Debut
Paul's Electivire Battling a Thaw in Relations! None

In other languages

  • Chinese: 电器引擎
  • French: Motorisé
  • German: Starthilfe
  • Greek: Ενεργοποίηση Κινητήρα
  • Italian: Elettrorapid
  • Spanish: Electromotor
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