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* Real life {{wp|Mōri Motonari}} is fame for his strategies. This explains his characteristic of the in-game character.

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モトナリ Motonari
Mori Motonari.png
Artwork with Servine
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Kingdom Greenleaf
Specialty Grass
Default Pokémon Snivy, Ralts

Motonari (Japanese: モトナリ) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

He cannot be recruited in the main story, unless the event Motochika and Motonari is used.

In the games

Motonari reading while his Servine sleeps
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Rank information

Rank I

Conquest Motonari I.png Power 69
Wisdom 90
Charisma 86
Total 245
Warrior Skill Brotherhood
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
Servine Servine

Rank II

Conquest Motonari II.png Power 79
Wisdom 100
Charisma 96
Total 275
Warrior Skill Strategist
Capacity 8
Perfect Links
Servine Servine Serperior Serperior
  • 60% Link with Servine or Serperior
  • At least 100 Pokémon registered in the Gallery


  • Start of turn:
    • With low health:
  • Otherwise:
"<move's name>! Now's our chance!"
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"Who will prove victorious today?"
  • When defending a castle:
  • When ordering to attack:
"Well, well... I can't wait to see what kind of enemy we're faced with!"
  • Upon forming a Link:
"Come with me, <Pokémon's name>."
  • After winning a battle:
"Now this is progress, whichever way you look at it."
  • When being recruited:
"A fine performance, I must say. You fight splendidly."


A reasonable and rational Warrior who shows exceptional tactical awareness in battle. His dream is to dedicate himself to the academic research of Pokémon.

Historical origin

Motonari is based on the real-life Mōri Motonari of Japanese history. Takamoto (Mōri Takamoto), Motoharu (Kikkawa Motoharu), and Takakage (Kobayakawa Takakage) were his sons. Terumoto (Mōri Terumoto) was his grandson by Takamoto, and Takakage adopted Hideaki (Kobayakawa Hideaki), a previously adopted son of Hideyoshi's. Ekei (Ankokuji Ekei) was a monk serving as a diplomat to the Mōri clan.


  • Real life Mōri Motonari is fame for his strategies. This explains his characteristic of the in-game character.



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