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マツバ Matsuba
""The Mystic Seer of the Future""
Art from Gold and Silver
Gender Male
Hometown Ecruteak City
Region Johto
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation II
Games Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Stadium 2
Leader of Ecruteak Gym
Badge Fog Badge
Anime debut A Ghost of a Chance
English voice actor Andrew Rannells
Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze

Morty (Japanese: マツバ Matsuba) is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City's Gym, known officially as the Ecruteak Gym. He hands out the Fog Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He is apparently a young man who uses Template:Type2 Pokémon.

In the anime

Morty in the anime

Morty appears in three episodes of the anime: A Ghost of a Chance, From Ghost to Ghost, and For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!.

He teaches classes on training Template:Type2s. He knows that most Ghosts lack physical power, and relies on disabling his opponent by confusing or frightening them.

Ash, Misty and Brock first meet Morty when they mistakenly went to the Burned Tower thinking it was the Gym. His Ghost Pokémon had created an illusion of fire to scare the trainers away, but Morty settled them and introduced himself as Gym Leader. He told them about the legend of Ho-Oh and the two towers of Ecruteak, but didn't believe that Ash had ever seen a Ho-Oh. When Team Rocket kidnapped Pikachu and Togepi, he used his powerful Gengar to stop them.

The next day, Ash and Morty had their Gym battle. Ash was able to defeat him by relying on his Noctowl's Foresight to weaken Morty's Ghost Pokémon and make them vulnerable to Normal attacks. After Morty was defeated, he said he believed that Ash may very well have seen a Ho-Oh, given Ash's great spirit.

When Ash and company returned to Ecruteak on their way to Mahogany Town, it is revealed that he and Eusine have a close relationship because they both study about the rare legendary Pokémon.

His English voice actor is Andrew Rannells and his Japanese voice actor is 松風雅也 Masaya Matsukaze.


This listing is of Morty's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.


At Ecruteak Gym

Gastly (Multiple)
Haunter (Multiple)

In the games

Morty's title is "The Mystic Seer of the Future".

The body of Morty's gym is a dark pit. Trainers appear to float over it, standing on an invisible floor. Some trainers are scared away by the ghosts within the gym. A challenger able to navigate along the invisible floor can safely reach Morty and challenge him.

Trainers in his gym: Sage Ping, Medium Grace, Sage Jeffrey, Medium Martha.

In addition to the Fog Badge, Morty gives out TM30 (Shadow Ball).

In Pokémon Crystal, Morty joins Eusine in the Burned Tower, to study what are said to be legendary Pokémon: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.


This listing is of Morty's Pokémon in the video games he has appeared in.

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal


Pokémon Stadium 2


  • Round 2 Pokémon



"Good of you to have come. Here, in Ecruteak, Pokémon have been revered. It's said that a Template:P2 Pokémon will come down to appear before a truly powerful trainer. I believed that tale, so I have secretly trained here all my life. As a result, I can now see what others cannot. Just a bit more... With a little more, I could see a future in which I meet the Pokémon of rainbow colors. You're going to help me reach that level!"

"I'm not good enough yet... All right. This Badge is yours."

"I see... your journey has taken you to far-away places. And you have witnessed much more than me. I envy you for that..."

In the Pokémon Special manga

Morty in the manga

In Pokémon Special, he is a natural version of the Itemfinder, using his powers to locate lost objects and Pokémon. He has clairvoyant psychic abilities that allow him to see things at a distance.

He was unfortunately away from Ecruteak when Team Rocket attacked it, but later assisted in its reconstruction.

His dream is to one day be able to see Ho-Oh. The rainbow Pokémon's power is so great, it blocks Morty's abilities.


This listing is for Morty's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.


In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Morty or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Morty's Ninetales Fire - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 20/141
Morty's Gengar Psychic - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 21/141
Morty's Hypno Psychic - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 22/141
Morty's Marowak Fighting - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 23/141
Morty's Noctowl Colorless - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 24/141
Morty's Murkrow Darkness - Rare HolographicH Pokémon VS (no English release) 25/141
Morty's Misdreavus Psychic - Common Pokémon VS (no English release) 26/141
Morty's TM 01 - - Uncommon Pokémon VS (no English release) 109/141
Morty's TM 02 - - Uncommon Pokémon VS (no English release) 110/141


  • His Japanese Leader title is 古都の若きゴーストマスター.
  • Prior to the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver, there had been widespread rumors that he would be a Water-type trainer, due to his "surfer dude" appearance (his in-game sprites even appeared to show him with goggles strapped around his forehead) and mainly blue wardrobe.
  • So Far Morty has only been the only Notable Male ghost-user


Language Name Origin
Japanese マツバ (Matsuba) 松葉 matsuba, a pine needle. 末(matsu) means end, death: 断魔 means death agony.
English Morty From Latin mortis, death.
French Mortimer From mort, death.
German Jens From Jenseits, afterlife.
Italian Angelo From angelo, angel.
Spanish Morti From muerte, death, or mortuorio, mortuary.
Korean (Game translation) 유빈 Yubin Similar to 유령 ghost.
Korean (Manga translation) 마솔 Masol Similar to the word 마수(masu), which means 'evil hand'.
Chinese 小松 Xiǎo Sōng 松 is taken from 松葉 matsuba.

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