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=====Round 2=====
=====Round 2=====
{{Party|color={{ghost color}}|headcolor={{ghost color light}}|bordercolor={{ghost color dark}}|sprite=S2 Leader Morty.png|prize=N/A|class=Leader|name=Morty|game=Round 2|location=Gym Leader Castle|pokemon=6|
{{Party|color={{ghost color}}|headcolor={{ghost color light}}|bordercolor={{ghost color dark}}|sprite=S2 Leader Morty.png|prize=N/A|class=Leader|name=Morty|game=Round 2|location=Gym Leader Castle|pokemon=6|
pokemon1={{Pokémon/2|ndex=094|pokemon=Gengar|gender=male|level=50|type1=Ghost|type2=Poison|held=King's Rock|move1=Confuse Ray|move1type=Ghost|move2=Psychic|move2type=Psychic|move3=Fire Punch|move3type=Fire|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon1={{Pokémon/2|ndex=094|pokemon=Gengar|level=50|gender=male|type1=Ghost|type2=Poison|held=King's Rock|move1=Confuse Ray|move1type=Ghost|move2=Psychic|move2type=Psychic|move3=Fire Punch|move3type=Fire|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon2={{Pokémon/2|ndex=103|pokemon=Exeggutor|level=50|type1=Grass|type2=Psychic|held=Quick Claw|move1=Psychic|move1type=Psychic|move2=Giga Drain|move2type=Grass|move3=Stun Spore|move3type=Grass|move4=Double-Edge|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon2={{Pokémon/2|ndex=103|pokemon=Exeggutor|level=50|gender=male|type1=Grass|type2=Psychic|held=Quick Claw|move1=Psychic|move1type=Psychic|move2=Giga Drain|move2type=Grass|move3=Stun Spore|move3type=Grass|move4=Double-Edge|move4type=Normal}}|
pokemon3={{Pokémon/2|ndex=131|pokemon=Lapras|gender=female|level=50|type1=Water|type2=Ice|held=MiracleBerry|move1=Surf|move1type=Water|move2=Ice Beam|move2type=Ice|move3=Headbutt|move3type=Normal|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon3={{Pokémon/2|ndex=131|pokemon=Lapras|level=50|gender=female|type1=Water|type2=Ice|held=MiracleBerry|move1=Surf|move1type=Water|move2=Ice Beam|move2type=Ice|move3=Headbutt|move3type=Normal|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon4={{Pokémon/2|ndex=200|pokemon=Misdreavus|gender=female|level=50|type1=Ghost|held=Focus Band|move1=Confuse Ray|move1type=Ghost|move2=Shadow Ball|move2type=Ghost|move3=Psychic|move3type=Psychic|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon4={{Pokémon/2|ndex=200|pokemon=Misdreavus|level=50|gender=female|type1=Ghost|held=Focus Band|move1=Confuse Ray|move1type=Ghost|move2=Shadow Ball|move2type=Ghost|move3=Psychic|move3type=Psychic|move4=Thunderbolt|move4type=Electric}}|
pokemon5={{Pokémon/2|ndex=210|pokemon=Granbull|level=50|type1=Normal|held=Scope Lens|move1=Take Down|move1type=Normal|move2=Lick|move2type=Ghost|move3=Shadow Ball|move3type=Ghost|move4=Sludge Bomb|move4type=Poison}}|
pokemon5={{Pokémon/2|ndex=210|pokemon=Granbull|level=50|gender=female|type1=Normal|held=Scope Lens|move1=Take Down|move1type=Normal|move2=Lick|move2type=Ghost|move3=Shadow Ball|move3type=Ghost|move4=Sludge Bomb|move4type=Poison}}|
pokemon6={{Pokémon/2|ndex=226|pokemon=Mantine|gender=male|level=50|type1=Water|type2=Flying|held=BrightPowder|move1=Surf|move1type=Water|move2=Ice Beam|move2type=Ice|move3=Confuse Ray|move3type=Ghost|move4=Wing Attack|move4type=Flying}}
pokemon6={{Pokémon/2|ndex=226|pokemon=Mantine|level=50|gender=male|type1=Water|type2=Flying|held=BrightPowder|move1=Surf|move1type=Water|move2=Ice Beam|move2type=Ice|move3=Confuse Ray|move3type=Ghost|move4=Wing Attack|move4type=Flying}}

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マツバ Matsuba
"The Mystic Seer of the Future"
HeartGold SoulSilver Morty.png
Art from HeartGold and SoulSilver
Gender Male
Eye color Brown*, Purple*
Hair color Blond
Hometown Ecruteak City
Region Johto
Trainer class Gym LeaderGSCHGSS
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation II, IV, V
Games Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black 2, White 2, Pokémon Stadium 2
Leader of Ecruteak Gym
Badge Fog Badge
Specializes in Ghost types
Anime debut A Ghost of a Chance
English voice actor Andrew Rannells
Japanese voice actor Masaya Matsukaze

Morty (Japanese: マツバ Matsuba) is the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City's Gym, known officially as the Ecruteak Gym. He hands out the Fog Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He is a young man who uses Ghost-type Pokémon.

In the games

Morty appears in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, where he is the fourth Gym Leader to be encountered. A user of the Ghost type, Morty is known as "The Mystic Seer of the Future". Morty is a follower of legendary Pokémon, and trains in Ecruteak so he may be able to see the rainbow bird Ho-Oh. He is friends with Eusine.

The body of Morty's Gym is a dark pit. Trainers appear to float over it, standing on an invisible floor. Some Trainers are scared away by the ghosts within the Gym. A challenger able to navigate along the invisible floor can safely reach Morty and challenge him. Once defeated, he will yield the Fog Badge, and TM30 (Shadow Ball).

Morty does not spend all of his time in Ecruteak Gym. In Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions, he will join Eusine in the Burned Tower where they study the legendary Pokémon Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, he will also take Mondays and Tuesdays off once initially defeated to visit Bellchime Trail. Here, he will give his Pokégear phone number to the player. If called on Tuesday night, Morty will arrange to travel to the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City for a rematch with a stronger team of Pokémon.

Morty's outfit changed drastically between Generations II and IV. The artwork released with Gold and Silver showed him wearing mainly blue. This design was carried through into the anime and manga. However, his outfit was completely retconned come HeartGold and SoulSilver: Morty now dons clothes of black and purple, like many of the Pokémon in his possession. Morty has shoulder-length golden-blond hair that is kept away from his face by a wide headband that matches his scarf.

Morty also appears in Pokémon Stadium 2's Johto Gym Leader Castle. Due to the small amount of Ghost-type Pokémon that existed in Generation II, the majority of his team consists of Pokémon of other types.


Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Gym match

Second battle (rematch)

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament

Morty uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles and all six in Triple Battles.

Johto Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders Tournament

Champion Lance Tournament

Pokémon Stadium 2

Round 1

Round 2


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Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

"Good of you to have come. Here, in Ecruteak, Pokémon have been revered. It's said that a rainbow-colored Pokémon will come down to appear before a truly powerful trainer. I believed that tale, so I have secretly trained here all my life. As a result, I can now see what others cannot. Just a bit more... With a little more, I could see a future in which I meet the Pokémon of rainbow colors. You're going to help me reach that level!"

"I'm not good enough yet... All right. This Badge is yours."

"I see... your journey has taken you to far-away places. And you have witnessed much more than me. I envy you for that..."

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Burned Tower
"My name is Morty. I am Ecruteak's Gym Leader. Because my old friend is here on the trail of Suicune, I decided to investigate the Burned Tower. Ecruteak has a legend about these legendary Pokémon: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou. As the Gym Leader of Ecruteak, I must have a proper understanding of it."
Ecruteak Gym
  • Before battle
"It's good of you to have come. Here in Ecruteak, Pokémon have long been revered. It's said that a rainbow-hued Pokémon will come down to appear before a truly powerful Trainer. I believed that tale, so I have secretly trained here all my life. As a result, I can now see what others cannot. I see a shadow of the person who will make the Pokémon appear. I believe that person is me! You're going to help me reach that level!"
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"No, it's not over yet--not yet! I still believe we can do it!"
  • During battle
"We've got more discipline than anyone else!"
  • When defeated
"How is this possible..."
  • After being defeated
"I don't think our potentials are so different. But you seem to have something more than that... So be it. This Badge is yours. By having the Fog Badge, Pokémon up to Lv. 50, including traded Pokémon, will obey you. Also, Pokémon will be able to use Surf."
"Here is another thing... I want you to have this, too. It's Shadow Ball. It causes damage and may reduce Special Defense. Use it if it appeals to you."
"I get it... The person the Kimono Girls were talking about must be you... Never mind. You should be strong enough to go across the sea. When you go west and then south, you'll reach Olivine City. Why don't you head for it?"
Fighting Dojo
  • Before battle
"I was just talking about you... Let's battle!"
  • After being defeated
"I've lost again... You may have something more than just strength."
Bellchime Trail
  • On Fridays:
"Hi, it's you! How about taking a picture with me as a memento?"
Yes: "All right! Come and stand next to me. Mmmm... This is a pretty good picture!"
No: "I understand... you must be busy with things."
Pokégear Registering (Bellchime Trail)
"The legendary Pokemon did not choose me... But that does not mean that I have lost out on my future. I will continue my training until I discover a new future for me. Say, do you want to be part of my training?
Yes: "Give me a call on Tuesday night if you want a battle!"
No: "Oh... That's a shame..."
"So, will you be part of my training?"
Pokégear Phone
  • Calling him:
"Hello... What's going on? I'm doing great. There are stronger Gym Leaders than me out there. They're all waiting to cheer you on!"
  • Morty calling the player:
"This is Morty! How are you doing? You know, I once saw Entei. I mean like up close. It was amazing. Entei looked me in the eyes. I'll never forget its eyes. It was like it could see right through me, down into the depths of my heart..."

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Pokémon World Tournament
  • Before battle (first round)
"You're going to help me reach the next level in my training!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"Fighting against stronger foes is also my training! You're going to help me reach the next level in my training."
  • When defeated
"How is this possible..."
  • After being defeated
"I don't think our potentials are so different. But you seem to have something... Something more than that..."


Gold Silver Morty.png Game Freak Morty.jpg
Headshot from Generation II Morty's artwork from the Game Freak website


Spr GS Morty.png Spr HGSS Morty.png Spr B2W2 Morty.png VSMorty.png Morty II OD.png Morty IV OD.png Morty OD.png S2 Leader Morty.png
Morty's sprite from
Generation II
Morty's sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver
Morty's sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Morty's VS sprite from
Generation IV
Morty's overworld sprite from
Generation II
Morty's overworld sprite from
HeartGold and SoulSilver
Morty's overworld sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Morty's portrait from
Pokémon Stadium 2

In the anime

Morty in the anime

Morty appeared in three episodes of the anime: A Ghost of a Chance, From Ghost to Ghost, and For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!.

He teaches classes on training Ghost types. He knows that most Ghosts lack physical power, and relies on disabling his opponent by confusing or frightening them.

Ash, Misty and Brock first met Morty when they mistakenly went to the Burned Tower thinking it was the Gym. His Ghost Pokémon had created an illusion of fire to scare the Trainers away, but Morty settled them and introduced himself as Gym Leader. He told them about the legend of Ho-Oh and the two towers of Ecruteak, but didn't believe that Ash had ever seen Ho-Oh. When Team Rocket kidnapped Pikachu and Togepi, he used his powerful Gengar to stop them.

Whitney's and Morty's appearance in Bagged Then Tagged!

The next day, Ash and Morty had their Gym battle. Ash was able to defeat him by relying on his Noctowl's Foresight to weaken Morty's Ghost Pokémon and make them vulnerable to Normal attacks. After Morty was defeated, he said he now believed that Ash may very well have seen Ho-Oh, given the great spirit he showed.

When Ash and company returned to Ecruteak on their way to Mahogany Town, it was revealed that he and Eusine have a close relationship because they both study rare legendary Pokémon.

He made a small cameo along with Whitney in Bagged Then Tagged! where it was revealed that Lyra's next Gym challenge was supposed to be one of them.


050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.
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Reason: Japanese voice actors, as well as the voice actors for the Pokémon in the befriended section.

This listing is of Morty's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime.

Morty's Gastly
Morty sent out his Gastly as the first Pokémon he used in his match against Ash. Ash started with Noctowl, using Foresight to make Gastly vulnerable to physical attacks, but switched for Pikachu shortly afterwards. Gastly defeated Pikachu easily, but was then defeated by Ash's Cyndaquil.

Gastly's known moves are Night Shade and Lick.

Debut From Ghost to Ghost
Voice actors
English Ed Paul
Morty's Haunter
Haunter was the second Pokémon Morty used against Ash. It used Mean Look to force Ash to stick with Cyndaquil, and with Hypnosis and Lick, it won the round. Ash now had only Noctowl left to battle with. Things looked bad for Ash when Haunter managed to confuse Noctowl with its Confuse Ray, and was ready to finish it with Night Shade, but then Noctowl learned how to use Confusion, and beat Haunter with one try.

Haunter's known moves are Mean Look, Hypnosis, Lick, Confuse Ray and Night Shade.

Debut From Ghost to Ghost
Voice actors
English Ed Paul
Morty's Gengar
Gengar is always out of its Poké Ball and hiding in the shadows, always coming out whenever Morty needs it. It loves to play tricks on people, especially on those who enter the Burned Tower. When Team Rocket tried to steal Ash's Pikachu as usual, Morty used Gengar to blast them away with a powerful Shadow Ball attack.

Morty used Gengar in the Gym battle against Ash in From Ghost to Ghost. Gengar was shown to be a formidable battler. It is able to attack opponents even when it is invisible, making it almost impossible for its opponents to find it. Ash's Noctowl was able to reveal Gengar's location by using Confusion through the whole building and then using Foresight to keep Gengar visible. It then finished Gengar off with a Tackle attack and Ash got the Fog Badge.

Gengar appeared again in For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!, when Ash and friends were back in Ecruteak City. Morty used it to find the lost Crystal Bells, and later to confuse the wild Parasect that were surrounding the Gym.

Gengar's known moves are Lick, Night Shade, Shadow Ball and Confuse Ray.

Debut A Ghost of a Chance
Voice actors
English Ed Paul


Morty's Gastly
Gastly (multiple)
Morty befriended the many Gastly that inhabit the Burned Tower. They usually try to ward away trespassers that enter the Burned Tower with illusions. Morty knows these Gastly so well that he can call upon them at any time, and he can even understand what they say to him.

Gastly's known moves are Night Shade and Hypnosis.

Debut From Ghost to Ghost
Morty's Haunter
Haunter (multiple)
Like the Gastly, Morty befriended many Haunter that live the Burned Tower. They play tricks on people who make their way into the tower on accident by making them see illusions. Morty knows these Haunter so well that he can call upon them at any time, and he can even understand what they say to him.

None of Haunter's moves are known.

Debut From Ghost to Ghost

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 松風雅也 Masaya Matsukaze
English Andrew Rannells
Polish Ireneusz Machnicki (EP181-EP182)
Aleksander Gawek (EP227)
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Júnior (EP181-EP182)
Vágner Fagundes (EP227)
Spanish Latin America Arturo Mercado Jr. (EP181-EP182)
Uknown voice actor (EP227)
Spain Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

File:Clair and Morty.png
Morty and Clair in Pokémon Adventures

Morty is a natural version of the Itemfinder, using his powers to locate lost objects and Pokémon. He has clairvoyant psychic abilities that allow him to see things at a distance. He was unfortunately away from Ecruteak when Team Rocket attacked it with the earthquake, but later assisted in its reconstruction. His dream is to one day be able to see Ho-Oh. The rainbow Pokémon's power is so great, it blocks Morty's abilities. Another Pokémon that he found unable to locate was Suicune, which he tried to search for on Eusine's behalf.

Morty first appeared after finding a Girafarig for a young woman and after hearing that Suicune had awoken from a radio, quickly went searching for it. He encountered a mist with both Gastly and Misdreavus, and was soon able to sense and find it. Morty had run Suicune into the town, where it seemingly acted paralyzed by Gastly's Thunderbolt, though it was able to trick Morty. As he had thrown the Great Ball, it turned out that Suicune used Mirror Coat to negate the attack and paralyze Misdreavus instead. Morty then contacted Eusine about having come into contact with Suicune and went off on the chase as well.

He later reappears in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, where he is encountered by Gold and Silver.


This listing is for Morty's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Morty's Misdreavus
Misdreavus is the strongest battling Pokémon of Morty's. He knows many non-damaging attacks which was helpful in many battles.

He was first used along with Gastly to battle the legendary beasts. He was hit by Gastly's Thunderbolt after Suicune used Mirror Coat, paralyzing him.

Misdreavus was also used in the Gym Leaders' tournament where Morty battled Lt. Surge as his opponent. He was defeated by one of Lt. Surge's Pokémon but made a comeback after using Destiny Bond prior to fainting which declared the battle as a draw.

Misdreavus's known moves are Psywave, Psybeam, Pain Split and Destiny Bond, and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut Misdreavus Misgivings
Morty's Gastly
Gastly was used along with Misdreavus to battle Suicune. Gastly launched a Thunderbolt to weaken Suicune as it was weak to Electric-type move. However, it was able to redirect the attack to Morty's Misdreavus by using Mirror Coat, paralyzing the Screech Pokémon.

Gastly's known moves are Thunderbolt and Spite, and its Ability is Levitate.

Debut Misdreavus Misgivings

In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga

Morty first appears in The Legendary Pokémon telling Gold about the legendary beasts of Johto. Later, he attends the grand reopening of MooMoo Farm and then a month-long conference in Kanto the day after. Since he will be busy, he is unable to battle Gold and tells him to take the Fog Badge for free. Gold refuses and follows Morty to a Pokémon Tournament hosted by him. Gold wins the tournament but Morty still couldn't battle Gold as it is past sunset. As a result, Morty gives Gold the Fog Badge for doing a good job and promises to have an official battle for it with Gold someday.


Morty's Gengar
Morty called out Gengar to stop a Spearow from stealing the satchel that contained Berries collected by Gold.

Gengar's only known move is Mean Look.

Debut A Promise Given to Miltank
Morty in Pokémon Pocket Monsters

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

Morty makes an appearance in The Legendary Ho-oh!! as one of the Gym Leaders Red encounters. He takes Red to the Tin Tower to encounter Ho-Oh due to legends regarding Ho-Oh being on the Tin Tower.


Morty's Gengar
Gengar is Morty's only known Pokémon and his partner.
Debut The Legendary Ho-oh!!

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Morty or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Morty's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Morty's Ninetales Fire       Pokémon VS Common 020/141
Morty's Gengar Psychic       Pokémon VS Common 021/141
Morty's Hypno Psychic Tyranitar Half Deck     Pokémon VS Common 022/141
Morty's Marowak Fighting       Pokémon VS Common 023/141
Morty's Noctowl Colorless       Pokémon VS Common 024/141
Morty's Murkrow Darkness       Pokémon VS Rare Holo 025/141
Morty's Misdreavus Psychic       Pokémon VS Common 026/141
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Morty's TM 01 T [TM]       Pokémon VS Uncommon 109/141
Morty's TM 02 T [TM]       Pokémon VS Uncommon 110/141


  • His Japanese Leader title is 千里眼を持つ修験者.
  • Morty is currently the only known Ghost-type specialist who is male.
  • Morty appears as an opponent in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge. He uses a Gastly to battle.
  • In a possible Pokégear conversation with the player, Morty mentions Entei, but not all in capital letters.
  • Morty mentioned Bell Tower by its Generation IV name in For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!, making him the only character to do so prior to Generation IV.
  • When called on the Pokégear he mentions that he doesn't like Suicune as much as Eusine and that he prefers Raikou or Entei.


Language Name Origin
Japanese マツバ Matsuba 松葉 matsuba, a pine needle. Possible from 末 matsu (the end) or 魔 ma (evil spirits).
English Morty From Latin mortis, death, or mortuary.
French Mortimer From mort, death.
German Jens From Jenseits, afterlife.
Italian Angelo Literally means angel.
Spanish Morti From muerte, death, or mortuorio, mortuary.
Korean 유빈 Yubin *
마솔 Masol *
Similar to 유령 yuryeong, ghost.
Similar to the word 마수(masu), which means 'evil hand'.
Chinese (Mandarin) 小松 Xiǎo Sōng 松 is taken from 松葉 matsuba. Literally "young pine".

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