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ムーン Moon
Moon USUM Adventures.png
11 (as of the fourteenth chapter)
Gender Female
Birthday January 1
Blood type B
Eye color Gray
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Selene

Moon (Japanese: ムーン Moon) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Moon's love of Poison-types

Moon is a girl from the Sinnoh region. She does not enjoy Alola's tropical air, stating that it doesn't suit her character. She isn't one to be fooled by others, easily seeing through Sun's deception and seeing through the lies of the Team Skull Grunts. Moon is a pharmacist and is proficient with making various types of medicine. Due to this occupation, Moon is very knowledgeable about various poisons, as certain kinds can be used to make medicine. In addition to the possible benefits of poison, Moon favors Poison-type Pokémon and finds them to be cute. Moon is also a skilled archer, which helps her get medicinal supplies by firing at the desired item with her bow and arrow.

Due to coming from a family of scholars, Moon prefers to use her intelligence to devise strategies in battle. As such, concepts she considers "unscientific", such as luck, tend to annoy her if they end up defeating her strategies. For her skills, she is given the title of "Mixer" (調合る者 Mixer).


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Moon working as an assistant in Sinnoh

Prior to coming to Alola, Moon worked alongside Mr. Berlitz in the Sinnoh region. Due to a mistake on her part, a Piplup became poisoned and could only be cured with materials that only exist in the Alola region. Although Mr. Berlitz was reluctant at first, he agreed to allow Moon to leave after Roseanne arrived with a Rotom requested to be delivered to Professor Kukui.

Moon is first seen at the Hau'oli City Beachfront, lamenting that Alola doesn't suit her. She headed off to deliver Rotom, only to be hit in the face with a wild Pyukumuku. A boy named Sun apologized for the accident and explained that he was Pyukumuku chucking as a part-time job. When Moon demands compensation for her wet clothes, Sun explained he has his reasons for not being able to pay and offered to make it up to her instead. After finishing the job, a pair of Team Skull Grunts check to see if Sun had finished the job they hired him for. Just as the Grunts prepare to pay Sun, the female Grunt sneaks in an extra Pyukumuku, which they used to claim Sun didn't finish the job properly and refuse to give him his full pay. When Moon points out this lie, the male Grunt has his Salandit attack Moon and then lies that doing so injured his Salandit's tail, which meant Sun would have to pay for its medical bills. Angered, Sun breaks off the cast his leg was in and defeats the Grunts with his Alolan Meowth, Cent. Afterward, Sun has his Litten, Dollar, dry off Moon's clothes with its flame.

To make up for covering her in Pyukumuku slime, Sun uses his Ride Pager to summon a Tauros and transports Moon and Rotom to Professor Kukui. Sun then takes Moon through Hau'oli City's Shopping District, where they meet the locals. When Sun's injured foot begins to cause him pain, Moon gathers healing items to cure his pain. When Moon is unable to find a Figy Berry needed for the medicine, she uses her archer skills to pick one off a nearby tree instead.

After Sun's injury is healed, the two are attacked by Tapu Koko, the guardian deity of Melemele Island. After a short battle, Tapu Koko flees and leaves behind a Sparkling Stone, which Sun picks up. Afterward, Moon and Sun arrive at Professor Kukui's laboratory, only to find the professor bursting through the roof after testing out the moves of his Rowlet and Popplio.

After Sun introduces Moon and Professor Kukui to each other, Moon officially delivers Rotom to the professor. Kukui explains that he wanted Rotom, a Pokémon not native to Alola, as it is capable of combining with Sun's Pokédex. Moon reveals that Rotom has a weak body and was unable to be sent to Kukui electronically, so she was tasked with taking Rotom to its destination while using her medicinal skills to keep it healthy. When Rotom attempts to go inside the Pokédex, it freaks out and runs away, which Sun reveals is due to him constantly mishandling the Pokédex, causing it to become dirty and smell bad. Angered, Kukui beats Sun up and tells him to go and retrieve Rotom while he cleans the Pokédex.

Later that night, an injured Sun returns to Kukui's house, having successfully retrieved Rotom. After healing Sun's wounds, Moon reveals that she also healed Rowlet after it caught a cold from being inside Popplio's water balloon too long. Moon soon notices notices a fire coming from Iki Town, which Sun reveals is due to a festival that will be held there the next day. He suggests that if Moon isn't leaving Alola yet despite having achieved her mission, she should go see the festival.

Moon's first outfit

The next day, Moon travels to Iki Town to see the festival, where she encounters Olivia, one of the Island Kahunas. Moon assists Olivia in determining the roster placement by delivering numbered malasada to the contestants. After going through several contestants, including Sun, Moon encounters Lillie, a girl who hates battling. When Moon asks why Lillie entered the tournament despite not being a Trainer, a Pokémon Lillie calls Nebby escapes from her bag and runs off. Moon and Lillie chase Nebby to Mahalo Trail, where they find it being attacked by a group of wild Spearow. With Lillie too afraid to save Nebby, Moon rushes in to defend it. Moon manages to shield Nebby from the Spearow, but their numbers overpowers Rowlet and prevents Moon from moving. Using its powers, Nebby causes a large explosion that breaks the bridge it and Moon were standing on, leaving both to fall into the water below. Moon and Nebby are saved by Tapu Koko, who catches the two and brings them to safety. Afterward, Lillie reveals that she was mistakenly entered in the tournament due to Nebby trying to escape from her bag at the wrong moment. Olivia offers to have Lillie withdrawn from the tournament, but Moon decides to take Lillie's place instead.

After returning to Iki Town, Moon joins Sun and the other competitors in the tournament. They are soon joined by Gladion, another participant who was away due to his Type: Null sensing a crack in the sky. Remembering that she also saw a crack in the sky at Mahalo Trail, Moon attempts to question Gladion about the crack before being pulled away by Sun to begin the tournament.

Moon being rescued by Tapu Koko

In the second battle of the second round of the tournament, Moon is paired up against Gladion. Moon reveals to Gladion that she also saw the crack in the sky and asks him to tell her about it. Gladion agrees to her request, but only on the condition that she defeats him. During the battle, Gladion notes Moon's usage of Poison-type Pokémon. Moon explains that due to her being a pharmacist, she has to learn about poisons. To Gladion and Sun's surprise, Moon also reveals that she actually finds Poison-types cute.

During their battle, Moon proves to be an effective strategist and nearly defeats Gladion's Porygon. Despite this, Porygon eventually defeats Moon's final Pokémon through luck, giving him the win. The shock of losing to something as unscientific as the concept of luck greatly angers Moon. Dejected, Moon completely ignores the final battle of the tournament, much to Sun's annoyance.

The next day, Moon leaves Melemele Island on a boat with Sun and Professor Kukui. As they head off, Moon rescues Kukui's Rowlet from the pair of Team Skull Grunts trying to steal it. By shooting a Salac Berry into Rowlet's mouth, Rowlet's speed is increased to the point where it easily runs away from the Grunts to join up with Moon. Kukui, noting Rowlet's attachment to Moon, suggests that Moon add it to her team, which she accepts.

As they travel, Sun talks to Hala over a video phone. Hala reveals that he has taken Sun's Sparkling Stone and is fixing it up for him. Kukui reveals that he and the other Kahunas have tasked Sun with delivering a Mirage Berry to calm each of the guardian deities, which have been angered by something. Sun is initially reluctant to the task, but accepts once he learns that he will be paid for each delivery. Moon also introduces Sun to the Rotom Pokédex, which is the form the Rotom she delivered took after combining with a spare Pokédex that Moon received from Professor Kukui. Rotom tells Sun that it has decided to join with Moon instead of him and gives Sun his Pokédex back.

Afterward, the group arrives at Heahea City on Akala Island. There, they are greeted by Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana, the Trial Captains of Akala Island. The three reveal that they are unsure if Sun is worthy enough to take part in the Island challenge and wish to battle him to see if he's worthy. After a short battle, Kiawe takes a liking to Sun and accepts him as worthy enough to take part in the Island challenge, but Lana is still unsure and has the group follow her to Brooklet Hill.

The group travels to Route 5, where Lana reveals that she wants Sun to defeat the Totem Pokémon that is causing havoc at Brooklet Hill. While Sun and Lana head off to the trial site, Moon goes with Mallow to Lush Jungle in order to harvest Berries that only grow in Alola. Shortly after arriving, they found Tapu Lele in battle with a mysterious creature emerging from a crack in the sky. Rotom flies up to try and learn what the creature is, but is shocked by an Electric-type attack and forced to shut down. Moon thanks Rotom for his help and fires a Poké Ball-tipped arrow from her bow in an attempt to capture the creature. The arrow successfully strikes its target, but fails to actually capture the creature, which proceeds to escape. Tapu Lele, angered by the encounter, leaves as well. Moon begins collecting Tapu Lele's fallen scales and decides to find the Mirage Berry in order to ask Tapu Lele just what the creature was. When Moon points out that they don't have a name to call the creature, Mallow suggests giving it the code name "Lighting".

After several failed attempts to find the Mirage Berry, Mallow has her and Moon's Pokémon communicate with the wild Pokémon in the area to help them. The wild Pokémon help by finding Berries and bringing them together into a large pile. After a search, Moon successfully obtains the Mirage Berry. Mallow receives a phone call from Kiawe, who is currently under attack by someone near the Ruins of Life. Mallow informs everyone and tells them to rendezvous at Konikoni City. After meeting up, the four travel to Memorial Hill, where they find an injured Kiawe lying on the ground, defeated. A group of Team Skull Grunts appear and claim that they were the ones who attacked Kiawe. Angered by this, Mallow and Lana send out their Pokémon to battle the Grunts while Moon tends to Kiawe's wounds.

Mallow and Lana tell Moon and the others to head to the Ruins of Life in order to check up on Tapu Lele while they stay behind. Sun agrees and sends out Tauros to take him, Moon, and Kiawe to the ruins. After Kiawe's injuries are healed by Moon, Kiawe tells Sun about Z-Moves and how to use them. With practice, Sun masters the pose for Inferno Overdrive, which Kiawe says will be needed to face the person who attacked him. Due to Sun not possessing a Z-Ring required to use Z-Moves, Kiawe decided to let Sun borrow his Z-Ring. Before Sun can take the Z-Ring, they are attacked by Gladion, who is revealed to have joined Team Skull as an Enforcer.

Moon using her bow

The group notices that Gladion managed to easily kidnap Tapu Lele, which Moon attributes to Tapu Lele still being injured from an earlier battle with the mysterious creature at Lush Jungle. Moon assumes Gladion must need the deities to fight off the mysterious creatures and suggests that they work together in order to face them, but Sun refuses to work with someone who chose to willingly work with villains and decides to defeat Gladion with his newly learned Z-Move. Kiawe attempts to hand his Z-Ring over to Sun, but it is destroyed by Gladion's Type: Null. Although Gladion claims that Sun wouldn't have won even with the Z-Move, a voice appears and points out that if Gladion truly believed that, he wouldn't have destroyed Kiawe's Z-Ring. The voice is revealed to be Kahili, who uses her Pokémon to attack Type: Null before delivering Sun his finished Z-Ring. Sun puts on the Z-Ring and uses it to perform Inferno Overdrive on Type: Null.

The attack succeeds, causing Type: Null's mask to start breaking, forcing Gladion to retrieve it out of fear what would happen if the mask shatters completely. Gladion decides to give up on capturing Tapu Lele, calling it too weak to help him fight the mysterious creatures. Gladion reveals that the cracks in the sky are not an opening but an exit, and that something must be trying to break free into their world. After Gladion leaves, Tapu Lele wakes up and Sun delivers the Mirage Berry to it. As thanks for healing its injuries, Tapu Lele asks the group to allow it to test their strength. Moon, Sun, Kiawe, and Kahili accept and send out their Pokémon to face the guardian deity. Despite the combined effort of their attacks, Tapu Lele proved to be a powerful opponent and easily blows their Pokémon away. When Sun refuses to give up, Dollar evolves into a Torracat and manages to land a hit on Tapu Lele. While the attack doesn't harm Tapu Lele, it acknowledged their determination and flies off.

Afterward, Moon wonders what Gladion meant about the cracks in the sky being exits. She decides to consult the Rotom Pokédex about it, but the only answer it can give is "Necrozma."

Later at Konikoni City, Moon faced Totem Lurantis in order to train and get strong enough to face the mysterious creatures. After defeating Lurantis, Moon and the others head to Mallow's restaurant to talk with Professor Kukui's wife, Professor Burnet, over a video phone. They talk to each other over the various cracks in the sky that have been spotted around Alola and speculate that Nebby may have been the cause. Professor Kukui tells Burnet to take Lillie with her to Ula'ula Island, as that's the next destination where Moon and Sun will deliver the next Mirage Berry.

Later at night, Moon slept on Kukui's yacht as it sailed towards Ula'ula. While they traveled, Professor Burnet and Lillie managed to meet up with everyone, but a wild Bruxish attacked the yacht with its psychic powers. While Sun managed to defeat the Bruxish, he and Lillie ended up separated from the others. Later, Moon, Kukui, and Burnet were rescued by the Aether Foundation and taken to Aether Paradise to recuperate. There, they meet Faba and Wicke, who explain what happened to everyone and offer to give a tour of Aether Paradise.

Later, after leaving Aether Paradise, Moon, Kukui, and Burnet take Kukui's yacht to Ula'ula Island. Kukui, sensing a strange change in the atmosphere, fears that a battle may have started in the hour since the Captains' group arrived at Po Town to meet with Team Skull. With nowhere to dock the yacht, Moon tells Kukui to get as close to Ula'ula as he can while she has Rowlet carry her to Po Town by flying through the air.

Upon arriving at Po Town, Moon found the location under siege by more mysterious creatures, now known as Ultra Beasts. There, Gladion revealed that the Ultra Beasts Guzma summoned to Po Town were given to him by the president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine, who secretly aims to create a paradise filled with nothing but Ultra Beasts and herself. Guzma denied the accusation that he was being used, only for a Nihilego to grab him and drag him towards an Ultra Wormhole. Moon attempted to rescue Guzma, but was stopped by the Xurkitree from Lush Jungle. Sun managed to free Moon with his team, but ended up swatted away by Xurkitree, causing him to crash-land onto a car.

Eventually, the beasts manage to break free from Po Town's barrier, allowing them to wreak havoc on all of Ula'ula. While Moon chose to stay behind and tend to Sun's wounds, the Captains headed off to various different locations to evacuate any innocent civilians caught in the beasts' attacks. After Sun is healed, he revealed that he took on another job to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores scattered across Alola. When Moon noted that Sun reacted oddly when Gladion mentioned the Aether Foundation, she asked him if he had a connection with the organization. Sun revealed that the real reason he needed to collect money was to pay off the Aether Foundation, who had stolen an island owned by his great-grandfather. Before he can explain any further, Moon and Sun are approached by Anabel and Looker of the International Police.

Anabel questioned Moon and Sun on what they know about the Ultra Beasts, but Sun was wary of the International Police, as he found their desire to protect and take in Pokémon used in crimes too similar to the goals of the Aether Foundation. When Anabel offered to pay Sun for his cooperation, he agreed to help and received six million yen as compensation. Moon then told Anabel about each of the Ultra Beasts that have appeared in Alola recently while Anabel revealed their actual species names as well as their codenames. The group is then attacked by Blacephalon, a new beast that emerged from one of the Ultra Wormholes. Together, Sun and Anabel battle Blacephalon and stun it long enough for Anabel to attempt a capture.

Blacephalon immediately broke out of the Poké Ball, revealing that they do not work as well on Ultra Beasts as they do regular Pokémon. Blacephalon retaliated by using Mind Blown on the group, forcing Anabel to get everyone out of the way. Moon and the others are saved by Tapu Bulu, the guardian deity of Ula'ula Island, who used a large gust of wind to blow both Blacephalon and its attack far away. Afterward, Kukui and Burnet arrive with the Mirage Berry meant for Tapu Bulu. Sun is initially reluctant to give the Berry away, as he felt that Tapu Bulu had no reason to help humans as it was a human who was responsible for the Ultra Beasts appearing in Alola in the first place. Moon disagreed with this statement and argued that if humans were the cause for the danger, then they should take responsibility by helping fix it as well. Moon and Sun then give the Mirage Berry to Tapu Bulu, which it readily accepts.

Later, Moon, Sun, and Anabel traveled to Poni Island, where Xurkitree and Blacephalon are also making their way towards. Due to Poni not having an Island Kahuna, there would be no one capable enough of protecting the island from the two beasts. Sun, more fixated on delivering the next Mirage Berry to Tapu Fini, decided to head off and find someone who can help him search for it. After docking on Poni, Moon and Anabel arrived at Seafolk Village, which had been evacuated due to the Ultra Beasts' attacks. Worried that some injured people may still be there, Anabel requested that Moon help heal any hurt civilians. As they walked through Poni Wilds, Moon asked Anabel how she knew the names of the Ultra Beasts. Anabel then revealed that she knew because she is a Faller, a human who had passed through an Ultra Wormhole.

Later, Moon and Anabel traveled to Vast Poni Canyon, where they witnessed Faba battling Plumeria. Anabel confronted Faba about the Aether Foundation's involvement with the Ultra Beasts' appearance in Alola. Worried that his plans could be jeopardized, Faba had his Aether Foundation Employees battle against Moon and Anabel, hoping the distraction would give him the chance to escape. Once Faba had left, Moon, Anabel, and Plumeria followed him to the entrance to the Poni Altar. There, Faba revealed he was aware of his pursuers and proceeded to attack them alongside more Employees. Later, Moon was grabbed by Tapu Koko, who took her to the Poni Altar alongside Sun, who was joined by the rest of the guardian deities. Tapu Bulu gave Moon a Moon Flute and was told to play it alongside the Sun Flute Sun was given. While Sun struggled to play properly at first, Moon realized the flutes worked only for them because of their promise to Tapu Bulu. Remembering how they felt when they made the promise, Moon and Sun successfully played the flutes, causing the Poni Altar to react.

The Altar released a bright light that caused Nebby and the other Cosmoem to evolve into Lunala and Solgaleo, respectively. After Anabel explained what the two Legendary Pokémon are and their connection with Cosmog, Anabel received a call from Looker, who reported that a large number of Ultra Beasts emerged from Po Town and have made their way to Poni Island. While Moon, Anabel, Gladion, and Hapu fought off the beasts, Sun confronted Faba, demanding that he return the island the Aether Foundation took from his deceased great-grandfather five years ago. Faba revealed to Sun that the island had already been converted into Aether Paradise, and the 100 million yen he jokingly suggested Sun gather back then wouldn't nearly be enough to return the island back to its previous state. Afterward, a giant Ultra Wormhole appeared before everyone, with a large hand emerging from it. The hand grabbed Solgaleo, taking control of its body. The possessed Solgaleo captured Sun with its tail and jumped into the wormhole while Moon and Lunala followed after it.

At some point, Moon and Sun were separated from Lunala and Solgaleo and ended up trapped in the Ultra Deep Sea for six months. As they weren't in Alola, the native Nihilego mostly left the two alone. After changing into a new set of clothes, Moon and Sun chased after Lunala after it appeared flying above them. They went to where Lunala landed and found that it was being ridden by Dulse and Zossie of the Ultra Recon Squad. Dulse revealed to Zossie that he had met with the Aether Foundation to create Poké Balls capable of capturing the Ultra Beasts. Overhearing this, Sun demanded to know what the two strangers' connection with the Aether Foundation was.


On hand

Moon's Charjabug

Moon's Charjabug
Grubbin → Charjabug
Charjabug is Moon's first known Pokémon. He was captured by Moon as a Grubbin just after she decided to take Lillie's place in the Iki Town festival tournament. He was first used to create a cast of silk for Sun after he fractured his arm in the festival tournament. In PASM19, he is revealed to have evolved into a Charjabug. He is level 30 and has a Naive nature.

None of Charjabug's moves are known and his Ability was Swarm as a Grubbin.

Debut The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer
Moon's Mareanie
Mareanie is Moon's second known Pokémon. She was first used at the Iki Town festival tournament to battle against Gladion's Porygon, but was defeated. She is level 35 and has a Jolly nature.

Mareanie's only known move is Poison Jab and her Ability is Merciless.

Debut The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer
Moon's Grimer
An Alolan Grimer is Moon's third known Pokémon. He was first used at the Iki Town festival tournament to battle against Gladion's Porygon, but was defeated. Moon greatly prefers the color of Alolan Grimer. He is level 32 and has a Lax nature.

Grimer's only known move is Poison Gas and his Ability is Poison Touch.

Debut The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer
Moon's Rotom
Main article: Rotom Pokédex

Rotom is Moon's fourth known Pokémon. Rotom was first seen with Moon on the Hau'oli City Beachfront. Moon was tasked with delivering it to Professor Kukui. Due to being weak, Rotom was unable to be delivered to Kukui via electronic transfer. Due to this, Moon was tasked with delivering Rotom to Kukui personally while using her pharmaceutical skills to keep it healthy along the way. Later, it fused with a spare Pokédex to become the Rotom Pokédex and was given to Moon while Sun kept his original one.

Debut The Grand Entrance and Delivery Boy Sun
Moon's Dartrix
Rowlet → Dartrix
Main article: Moon's Dartrix

Dartrix is Moon's fifth known Pokémon that she met as a Rowlet. When Moon first encountered him, Rowlet was trapped in one of the water balloons created by Professor Kukui's Popplio. Although he was later freed, being in the bubble for so long left Rowlet sick. After being healed by Moon with her pharmaceutical skills, Rowlet took a liking to Moon and started following her around. After leaving Melemele Island, Professor Kukui noted that Rowlet wanted to join Moon's team, which she accepted. Sometime during Moon's stay in Ultra Space, he evolved into a Dartrix. He has a Relaxed nature.

Debut The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl


Moon's Lunala
Main article: Nebby

This Lunala was originally Nebby, a Cosmog that Lillie took care of after rescuing it from the Aether Foundation. After evolving into a Cosmoem, Nebby evolved again into Lunala with the power of the Moon Flute alongside another Cosmoem, which became Solgaleo with the Sun Flute. When Sun and Solgaleo were kidnapped by a hand that emerged from an Ultra Wormhole, Moon and Lunala set off to rescue them.

Debut The Decision and the Tournament of Six



  • According to Satoshi Yamamoto, Moon is modeled after Park Nam-joo, the archer played by Bae Doona in the film The Host.[1]
  • Moon never calls Sun by his name, instead preferring to call him "Mr. Courier" (Japanese: 運び屋さん).
  • Moon's bow appears to be based on Decidueye's wings.
  • Moon is 4'9" (145 cm) tall and weighs 83.8 lbs (38 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ムーン Moon From Pokémon Moon
English Moon From Pokémon Moon
French Lune From Pokémon Lune


  1. Yamamoto's tweet(Japanese)

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