Monta's Serperior

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Monta's Serperior
モンタのジャローダ Monta's Jalorda
Poké Ball
Monta Serperior.png
Monta and Serperior
Debuts in PBW01
Caught at Nuvema Town
Evolves in Be a Master!! Pokémon BW
Be a Master!! Pokémon BW
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Monta
Snivy Servine Serperior
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of rounds as Snivy and an unknown number of rounds as Servine.

Monta's Serperior (Japanese: モンタのジャローダ Monta's Jalorda) is one of the Pokémon owned by Monta in the Be a Master!! Pokémon BW manga.


As a Snivy

Serperior is Monta's starter Pokémon that he first obtained as a Snivy. Serperior is Monta's most powerful Pokémon and is also his best friend. It was used in its first battle against a wild Patrat, Monta ordered a Vine Whip which it uses and it hurts the Lookout Pokémon and it is then captured. It is then used in a Double Battle against a wild Patrat and Watchog. He orders a Tackle on the Watchog, just when he is about to capture it, Bianca and Cheren appear.

Later, Monta uses it in a Double Battle with Cheren's Tepig against a Bike Gang King's Braviary. It starts off with a Vine Whip, which does hardly any damage. Braviary uses Wing Attack hurting it badly. It is nearly taken out by a Fury Attack, and Monta gives it an Oran Berry to revive it and goes in with a Grass Pledge with Fire Pledge creating the combination needed to defeat Braviary.

In PBW02, it was used in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage, and Basculin with Panpour and Roggenrola. Snivy started off with a Whirlwind which dies down before it could reach and gets hurt by Tepig's Ember. It attacks Basculin with a Vine Whip, but it switches with Tepig. After Panpour uses Surf and defeats Tepig, he has not noticed that Snivy has fainted too.

In PBW03 it is used to battle an Emolga, he weakens it with Leaf Tornado before capturing it. Later the group enter a cave and suddenly the ground starts to rumble and a wild Excadrill appears and battles Snivy. Using some impressive moves, he is able to capture it.

It is then used in a battle against a Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Swanna with Emolga. It is hurt badly by Swanna's Aerial Ace.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Vine Whip PBW01
Tackle PBW01
Grass Pledge PBW01
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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