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モンタ Monta
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Hilbert

Monta (Japanese: モンタ Monta) is the main character of the manga series Be a Master!! Pokémon BW.


Monta is a Trainer just starting out on his journey with his starter Pokémon Snivy who aims to be a "Pokémon Battle Master". After successfully capturing a Patrat, he hears a rustle in the grass and goes to look. To his surprise, he finds a Patrat and Watchog and decides to capture them. After he attacks the two Pokémon start to run around in circles, he is about to throw another Poké Ball when Bianca and Cheren appear. Cheren lectures him about what he is doing wrong as Monta is looking up Watchog's Pokédex entry, and he vows one day he will capture a Watchog.

He uses Snivy in a Double Battle with Cheren's Tepig against a Bike Gang King's Braviary, it looks like they were about to lose, but they use a combination attack fainting Braviary. Monta battles Cheren in PBW02 using his Snivy, Panpour and Roggenrola against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage and Basculin. With Cheren's vast knowledge of Pokémon and triple battles, it looked like Cheren could not lose, but was defeated by a powerful Rock Slide from Roggenrola.

In PBW03 he captures an Emolga, suddenly he sees a cave and decides to go inside, he hears a rumble and suddenly a wild Excadrill appears, he sends out Snivy who uses some impressive moves to capture it.

He then sees a Pokémon Ranger and they battle, the Ranger uses his Zebstrika and Swanna against his new Emolga and Snivy. The Ranger is very powerful and Monta has to recall Snivy for Excadrill after Swanna's attack hit hard. The Ranger underestimated him though and Emolga and Excadrill were able to knock out their opponents with one hit.


Monta's Serperior
Snivy → Servine → Serperior
Main article: Monta's Serperior

Serperior is Monta's starter Pokémon and most powerful Pokémon and is best friends with it. Serperior is also very loyal. It was used in a number of battles and proved to be strong, but not unstoppable.

Debut PBW01
Roggenrola → Boldore
Monta's Roggenrola is first seen in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage, and Basculin with Snivy and Panpour. It gets hit badly by Panpour's Surf, leaving it with 1 HP from its Sturdy Ability. It goes in for Rock Slide and surprisingly knocks both Pansage and Basculin out, giving Monta the win. It reappeared in PBW04 as a Boldore where Monta uses it in the Battle Subway.

Boldore's known moves are Rock Slide, Smack Down, Rock Tomb, and Stone Edge, and its Ability is Sturdy.

Debut PBW02
Monta finds a wild Patrat and he sends out his Snivy, deciding to capture it. He ordered a Vine Whip which hurt the Lookout Pokémon badly. He then threw a Poké Ball, which successfully captured it.
Debut PBW01
Monta's Panpour is first seen in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, Pansage, and Basculin with Snivy and Roggenrola. It uses a powerful Surf which hurt everyone on the battle field, knocking both Snivy and Tepig out.

Panpour's only known move is Surf.

Debut PBW02
Monta's Emolga is first seen in a battle against his Snivy. Snivy is able to weaken it and Monta captures it successfully. It is then used in a battle against a Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Swanna with Snivy. It goes in with an Electro Ball attack on Swanna, but suddenly the attack misses and the Zebstrika is hit instead. The Ranger explains that Zebstrika's Lightningrod Ability pulls electric attacks towards it instead. Emolga is hurt slightly by Swanna's BubbleBeam, but defeats Swanna with one hit from a ThunderShock attack.

Emolga's known moves are Electro Ball and ThunderShock.

Debut PBW03
Monta's Excadrill is first seen when Monta enters a cave, where the ground starts to rumble and Excadrill appears. Using Snivy, Monta captures it. It is then used in a battle against a Pokémon Ranger's Zebstrika and Swanna with Emolga after Snivy was recalled. Excadrill uses Sandstorm, changing the weather conditions of the battle. It then uses Dig to appear underground near Zebstrika. The Ranger underestimates Excadrill's strength and it faints Zebstrika with one Dig. Monta explains that using its Ability Sand Force raises its attacks and doubles the power of Dig.

Excadrill's known moves are Sandstorm and Dig, and its Ability is Sand Force.

Debut PBW03

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