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(Second Generation - released 2004)
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===Second Generation - released 2004===
===Second Generation - released 2004===
{{main|MC Second Generation}}
File:001 MCII.jpg|001 {{p|Bulbasaur}}
File:002 MCII.jpg|002 {{p|Ivysaur}}
File:003 MCII.jpg|003 {{p|Venusaur}}
File:010 MCII.jpg|010 {{p|Caterpie}}
File:013 MCII.jpg|013 {{p|Weedle}}
File:017 MCII.jpg|017 {{p|Pidgeotto}}
File:021 MCII.jpg|021 {{p|Spearow}}
File:032 MCII.jpg|032 {{p|Nidoran}}
File:035 MCII.jpg|035 {{p|Clefairy}}
File:044 MCII.jpg|044 {{p|Gloom}}
File:048 MCII.jpg|048 {{p|Venonat}}
File:072 MCII.jpg|072 {{p|Tentacool}}
File:073 MCII.jpg|073 {{p|Tentacruel}}
File:075 MCII.jpg|075 {{p|Graveler}}
File:079 MCII.jpg|079 {{p|Slowpoke}}
File:080 MCII.jpg|080 {{p|Slowbro}}
File:084 MCII.jpg|084 {{p|Doduo}}
File:086 MCII.jpg|086 {{p|Seel}}
File:097 MCII.jpg|097 {{p|Hypno}}
File:102 MCII.jpg|102 {{p|Exeggcute}}
File:113 MCII.jpg|113 {{p|Chansey}}
File:115 MCII.jpg|115 {{p|Kangaskhan}}
File:138 MCII.jpg|138 {{p|Omanyte}}
File:140 MCII.jpg|140 {{p|Kabuto}}
File:154 MCII.jpg|154 {{p|Meganium}}
File:155 MCII.jpg|155 {{p|Cyndaquil}}
File:156 MCII.jpg|156 {{p|Quilava}}
File:157 MCII.jpg|157 {{p|Typhlosion}}
File:163 MCII.jpg|163 {{p|Hoothoot}}
File:170 MCII.jpg|170 {{p|Chinchou}}
File:173 MCII.jpg|173 {{p|Cleffa}}
File:174 MCII.jpg|174 {{p|Igglybuff}}
File:180 MCII.jpg|180 {{p|Flaaffy}}
File:184 MCII.jpg|184 {{p|Azumarill}}
File:188 MCII.jpg|188 {{p|Skiploom}}
File:189 MCII.jpg|189 {{p|Jumpluff}}
File:191 MCII.jpg|191 {{p|Sunkern}}
File:192 MCII.jpg|192 {{p|Sunflora}}
File:198 MCII.jpg|198 {{p|Murkrow}}
File:199 MCII.jpg|199 {{p|Slowking}}
File:201 MCII.jpg|201 {{p|Unown}}
File:205 MCII.jpg|205 {{p|Forretress}}
File:207 MCII.jpg|207 {{p|Gligar}}
File:208 MCII.jpg|208 {{p|Steelix}}
File:211 MCII.jpg|211 {{p|Qwilfish}}
File:217 MCII.jpg|217 {{p|Ursaring}}
File:220 MCII.jpg|220 {{p|Swinub}}
File:223 MCII.jpg|223 {{p|Remoraid}}
File:226 MCII.jpg|226 {{p|Mantine}}
File:236 MCII.jpg|236 {{p|Tyrogue}}
File:238 MCII.jpg|238 {{p|Smoochum}}
File:240 MCII.jpg|240 {{p|Magby}}
File:241 MCII.jpg|241 {{p|Miltank}}
File:MC Stantler second gen.jpg|234 {{p|Stantler}}
File:244 MCII.jpg|244 {{p|Entei}}
===Third Generation - released 2005===
===Third Generation - released 2005===

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Monster Collection fifth generation logo

Monster Collection (Japanese: モンスターコレクション) is a line of collectible Pokémon figures produced by Takara Tomy in Japan. Also known as simply 'Tomy Figures', they are standard PVC models of each Pokémon. There is at least one of every Pokémon, except fifth generation Pokémon which are still in production.

Pikachu Monster Collection figure

In Japan, they can be purchased at many stores, and of course the Pokémon Center itself sells all of the current figures for 294 Yen. The USA Pokémon Center also sells them at $4.95 each, but does not stock many and mainly has the fourth generation Pokémon available rather than old generations. They also offer special 'Bundles' of them as well.

The Hasbro equivalents that were sold worldwide were known as Battle Figures.


Each new Monster Collection set coincides with a new generation of Pokémon, and so will be named accordingly.

First Generation

Second Generation - released 2004

Main article: MC Second Generation

Third Generation - released 2005

The third generation packaging is the only series thus far to be packaged in a box rather than just a blister pack. It contains information on the Pokémon at the side of the box, with the same picture on the other side as well. The number is on the bottom right of the package.

Fourth Generation

Main article: MC Fourth Generation

The fourth generation packaging reverts back to the previous generation packaging. The top of the packaging is red, with a Poké Ball on the top left. Behind the Pokémon is a white background with a faint background effect. On the left side is a black column with the text 'Pocket Monsters' on it using the background coloring. The number is on a black and white sticker on the front of the box.

Fifth Generation

The fifth generation packaging is similar to last generation's packaging but yellow. The right side of the packaging is black with a Poké Ball at the side right side of the logo in the middle.

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