Monopoly: Pokémon Edition (2001)

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Monopoly: Pokémon Edition is a variation of the classic Monopoly game adapted towards Pokémon, based on the Gold and Silver versions as well as the anime. It was released in 2001 by Parker Brothers.

Changes from the original Monopoly

  • The currency is the Pokémon Dollar (PokémonDollar.png).
  • Blue Pokémon Centers and red Poké Marts replace houses and hotels, respectively (Although in the games the colors should be the other way around).
  • Professor Elm and Ash spaces and cards replace chance and Community Chest spaces and cards, respectively.
  • The three Johto Starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile) and Heracross replace the railroads.
  • The property spaces correspond to the eight Johto Gym Leaders and their Pokémon.
  • Buying a property is equivalent to catching the Pokémon, and owning the lot is equivalent to acquiring the Badge.
  • Gary Attacks and Team Rocket Attacks spaces replace the Income Tax and Luxury Tax spaces, respectively.
  • The Zephyr Badge and Hive Badge replace the Electric Company and Water Works spaces respectively.

Pokémon playing pieces

Doubles power ability

Rolling doubles allows a player to do one of two options. He or she can roll again as normal, or the player can activate a Pokémon power based on the dice. If the power is activated, the player must end the turn after invoking it. The powers cannot be used if the player rolled doubles to get out of jail.

  • Double Ones

Move like Hoppip and go anywhere. If the player passes GO, collect $200. The player may not teleport to Jail.

  • Double Twos

Absorb like Bellossom and collect $200 from the Bank.

  • Double Threes

Use Leech Seed like Skiploom and collect $50 from each player.

  • Double Fours

The player gets to draw a Professor Elm card.

  • Double Fives

The player gets to draw an Ash card.

  • Double Sixes

Attack to control one of another player’s gym lots. The player selects a Pokémon that an opposing player owns that is not part of a color group. Both players roll the dice. The player who rolls the higher number takes (or keeps) control of the lot. In the event of a tie, both players roll again. The "railroads" cannot be attacked.

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For more information on general gameplay, refer to the original Monopoly on Wikipedia.

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