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(Voice actors)
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|es_eu=Ana Esther Alborg
|es_eu=Ana Esther Alborg
|es_la=Alondra Hidalgo<br>Toni Rodríguez (teenager)
|es_la=Alondra Hidalgo<br>Toni Rodríguez (teenager)
|no=Espen Sandvik
|no=Siri Nilsen
|pl=Agnieszka Kunikowska
|pl=Agnieszka Kunikowska
|hu=Ilona Molnar}}
|hu=Ilona Molnar}}

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Molly Hale
ミー・スノードン Me Snowdon
Molly Hale.png
Molly Hale
Gender Female
Hometown Greenfield
Region Johto
Relatives Spencer Hale (father), Unnamed mother
Anime debut Spell of the Unown
English voice actor Amy Birnbaum
Japanese voice actor Akiko Yajima

Molly Hale (Japanese: ミー・スノードン Me Snowdon) is a little girl from the town of Greenfield, the daughter of two researchers. She is a central character in the third Pokémon movie, Spell of the Unown.


Molly under the spell of the Unown, in teenage form

Sometime before the events of the film, Molly's mother disappeared, supposedly because of Spencer's research. Spencer is left to care for Molly, but because his job requires an undying commitment, she is often left under the care of the servants and housekeepers.

At the beginning of the movie, Molly is being read tales of legendary Pokémon by her father. She states that Entei is her favorite legendary Pokémon because it reminds her of her father. Spencer abruptly leaves after receiving an email involving his research. With his father disappeared to Unown dimension, Molly is left in the care of the family servants. Before he vanished, her father left behind a mysterious puzzle box with Unown-shaped letter tiles.

Molly uses the tiles to spell "Mama" and "Papa", the people she truly desires, and when she begins to cry the Unown spring to life and grant her wish. The Unown then start to reflect Molly's confusion, anxiety, fear and loneliness with their Hidden Power and this is what forms the main arc of the story.

The town is engulfed by crystal, enveloping everything and driving everyone but Molly from the mansion. Molly's wish for her parents brings about a bizarre entity: an Entei whom is led to believe it is Molly's father.

Molly decides she needs a mother as well, and has the Entei bring Delia Ketchum to her. Delia is hypnotized into believing that she is the girl's true mother until she sees her son Ash risk his life to enter the crystallized mansion. Since that moment, Delia tries to reason with Molly, helping and protecting her through the movie. Molly becomes inspired by seeing Ash use his Pokémon to enter the mansion and decides she wants to be a Pokémon Trainer. She then falls asleep, and Entei leaves to greet their new guests, bringing along a dream-version of Molly. Molly wishes she were older so that she might be a Trainer, and she then turns into a teenager.

In pre-teen form

She greets Ash and his friends and challenges them to a battle. Brock volunteers to battle her so that Ash and Misty could continue on and find Ash's mother. After Brock's defeated, she then meets up with Ash and Misty further ahead. She then changes to a pre-teen and challenges Misty to a battle while Ash goes to find his mother.

Once Ash has reached his mother, they wake up the real Molly and ask that she escape with them. When Delia reveals that she's not Molly's mother, Molly is heartbroken, and her emotional turmoil causes the Unown to lose some control. Entei then appears to defend her, but after a gruesome battle Molly realizes what her wish is doing to those around her, and she agrees to end the illusion and return to reality. This causes the Unown to completely lose control of their psychic concentration. They reach the Unown's chamber and the false Entei sacrifices himself to drive away the Unown, returning the land and manor to normal. At the same time the Unown return to their ruins, they return Spencer from their dimension. He then returns to the manor and reunites with his daughter.

After some time, Molly has received a real Pokémon, a Teddiursa. One day while playing with it her father appears, with her mother by his side. Molly is overjoyed to have her family reunited, and a real future ahead of her.


Molly battled Ash, Misty, and Brock with dream Pokémon manifested by Entei. However, she was only shown with one real Pokémon, a Teddiursa.

Molly Hale's Teddiursa
Molly was shown to have a Teddiursa around the end of the movie in which she was having fun with it.

None of Teddiursa's moves are known.

Debut Spell of the Unown

Pokémon used under the Spell of the Unown

Brock noted that Molly's dream Pokémon are stronger than they would be if they were real.

Molly Hale's Flaaffy
Flaaffy is the first Pokémon Molly used in her battle against Brock. Brock sends out his Zubat who quickly uses Supersonic leaving Flaaffy confused. After Zubat's failed attack, Flaaffy finishes the battle with a ThunderShock.

Flaaffy's known moves are Headbutt and ThunderShock.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Molly Hale's Teddiursa
Teddiursa is the second Pokémon Molly used in her battle against Brock. Brock starts by commenting on how such a cute Trainer has a cute Pokémon. Teddiursa starts by using DynamicPunch against Brock's Vulpix which greatly damages it. Vulpix then attacks with Quick Attack, and Teddiursa uses Fury Swipes, resulting in Teddiursa's win.

Teddiursa's known moves are DynamicPunch and Fury Swipes.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Molly Hale's Phanpy
Phanpy was Molly's third and final Pokémon used in her battle against Brock. It makes quick work of Brock's Onix with a Rollout. Phanpy's choice was a pun on Brock saying earlier that he likes to "rock and roll" his Onix being the Rock, and Phanpy being the Roll.

Phanpy's only known move is Rollout.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Molly Hale's Kingdra
Kingdra was the first Pokémon Molly used in her battle against Misty. After Molly raised the water to flood the field she summons her Kingdra. It starts off by using SmokeScreen, and then Headbutt. After Misty's Goldeen's failed Fury Attack, Kingdra wins the battle.

Kingdra's known moves are SmokeScreen and Headbutt.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Molly Hale's Mantine
Mantine was Molly's second Pokémon used in her battle against Misty. Mantine attacked Misty's Staryu with a Whirlpool, trapping Staryu in a vortex. After Staryu escapes with a Rapid Spin it charges Staryu's Tackle with a Take Down.

Mantine's known moves are Tackle, BubbleBeam, Whirlpool, and Take Down.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Molly Hale's Entei
Main article: Entei (M03)

Entei was a physical manifestation created by the Unown of Molly's desires for companionship. He is an illusionary Entei that appeared to Molly after she made a wish to the Unown. He served as a replacement father for her while her real father, Spencer, was trapped in the Unown dimension. When Ash attempted to confront Entei to get his mother back, his Totodile and Cyndaquil were rapidly defeated, with Pikachu only lasting longer without faring any better, and even Charizard — who had witnessed the incident on television at the Charicific Valley and come to help — was only able to hold Entei off without actually defeating it. However, when Entei was about to break Charizard's neck, Molly finally decided that she wanted things to be real again.

Debut Spell of the Unown
Voice actors
Japanese Naoto Takenaka
English Dan Green

In the manga

Molly and Entei in the manga

In the Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Entei manga

As she is a main character in the film, Molly also appears in the manga adaptation, Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Entei.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 矢島晶子 Akiko Yajima
English Amy Birnbaum
Hungarian Ilona Molnar
Norwegian Siri Nilsen
Polish Agnieszka Kunikowska
Portuguese Brazil Christiane Monteiro
Portugal Sandra de Castro
Spanish Latin America Alondra Hidalgo
Toni Rodríguez (teenager)
Spain Ana Esther Alborg

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Korean 미이 Mee Transliteration of her Japanese name.
Chinese (Mandarin) 小美·史諾頓 Xiǎo Měi Shǐnuòdùn
小米* Xiǎo Mǐ
Transliteration of her Japanese name.

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