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ミヤモト Miyamoto
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Kanto
Relatives Jessie (daughter)
Member of Team Rocket
Rank Elite Officer

Miyamoto (Japanese: ミヤモト Miyamoto) is the mother of Jessie, and a former member of Team Rocket. She disappeared while on a mission to capture a Mew for her boss and hasn't been heard from since.


She sums up her life with a simple phrase:

  • One: Profit
  • Two: Economize
  • Three, Four, Five: Pokémon!

Miyamoto is a devoted Rocket, Madame Boss even calls her the "ideal image of Team Rocket."

Miyamoto is much like her daughter in many respects, though perhaps less rough and dramatic than she is, and more easygoing. She also has a deep love for her daughter. Knowing that she could not take care of her, she put Jessie up for adoption and devoted herself to making money to give to her daughter.


Miyamoto was an active-duty Class A Rocket. She was the first person to get tangible evidence of Mew, a recording that she took in the South American jungle. After filtering out all background audio, she was left with the faint cry of Mew.

When she showed this recording to Madame Boss she was sent on a mission to capture Mew. Miyamoto is torn over having to leave a young Jessie behind, and carries a photo of her at all times.

While on her search through the Andes Mountains, Miyamoto gets lost in a blizzard, which suddenly breaks and she sees Mew before her. After she shows Mew a picture of Jessie she tries to convince it to let her capture it, but Mew vanishes and the blizzard returns. An avalanche starts and Miyamoto's scream is the last thing heard.

However, she still makes reports in the subsequent years and Giovanni states that her current whereabouts are unknown. As far as is known, Miyamoto may still be looking for Mew.

Relationships with other members

Miyamoto is Jessie's mother and she cares deeply for her daughter. She also seemed to be close to Madame Boss, taking orders directly from her. They even talk about their children. She often has to correct her boss, when she goes on a tangent about the cost of missions, or making easy money.


Name origin

Miyamoto's name comes from that of 宮本武蔵 Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Japanese swordsman. This is in reference to her daughter, whose Japanese name is Musashi.

Coincidentally, Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the top game designers of Nintendo.
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