Mitsuki (CBF)

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ミツキ Mitsuki
Mitsuki CBF.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn

Mitsuki (Japanese: ミツキ Mitsuki) is an arrogant and attractive young Pokémon Trainer in the Battle Frontier. He is a Pokémon Battle Frontier character.


Mitsuki debuts in the first chapter as a partner for Enta during his participation at the Multi Battle challenge. He sends out his Goldeen during the first match. Due to Enta's Vulpix's loss, Mitsuki was forced to finish his opponents on his own. After the match, Mitsuki scolds Enta for what he made Vulpix do. Later, after Enta made up with Vulpix, Mitsuki was convinced to have another match with Enta as his partner. Unlike last time, Enta was able to stay in the battle. As a result, both Trainers were able to win instead of Mitsuki alone. Later, he is seen having a battle with Enta's master, Rald. Mitsuki ends up losing that battle. He is then paired with Enta for their third Multi Battle challenge. Before Enta's match with Anabel, Mitsuki, along with Rald, trains him in order to prepare him.

Personality and characteristics

Mitsuki is the opposite of Enta in that he keeps his emotions to himself. He enjoys showing off for his female fans but is annoyed by Enta who ends up being his partner in Double Battles

A running gag is that Enta would headbutt him in the crotch every time he bows to Mitsuki. Despite their differences, Enta views Mitsuki as his mentor similar to how Enta viewed Rald as his master.


Mitsuki's Goldeen
Mitsuki's Goldeen was first seen battling alongside Enta's Vulpix. After Vulpix got knocked out due to Enta's carelessness, Mitsuki had Goldeen finish the match off.
Debut Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!
Mitsuki's Shroomish
Shroomish is another Pokémon of Mitsuki's. When Enta wanted to try again in the Multi Battle with Mitsuki, Mitsuki registered Shroomish in the battle while Enta went for Vulpix. Later, it was taken out by Charizard during his battle against Rald.
Debut Enta Arrives at the Battle Frontier!