Misty's Gyarados

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This article is about the anime counterpart of Misty's Gyarados. For the Pokémon Adventures counterpart, see Gyara.

Misty's Gyarados
カスミのギャラドス Kasumi's Gyarados
Poké Ball
Misty Gyarados.png
Misty's Gyarados
Misty Mega Gyarados.png
As a Mega Gyarados
Debuts in Cerulean Blues
Caught at Cerulean Gym
Evolves in Prior to Cerulean Blues
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Misty
Magikarp Gyarados
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of episodes as Magikarp.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Magikarp N/A
As Gyarados Unshō Ishizuka

Misty's Gyarados (Japanese: カスミのギャラドス Kasumi's Gyarados) was the tenth Pokémon Misty owned; she adopted it in the Kanto region after she returned home in Cerulean Blues.

In the anime


Advanced Generation series

Gyarados and Misty

When Misty returned to Cerulean City to fill in for her sisters as the Gym Leader, she found out that a newly-evolved Gyarados was on a rampage at the Cerulean Gym. Even worse, PIA inspectors were ready to condemn the Gym if there was no leader to keep Gyarados under control. Panicking, Misty tried many attempts to stop it, including a reenactment of the water ballet show Gyarados participated in as a Magikarp. When none of these calming methods worked, Misty resorted to locking it in a cage. However, after the Invincible Pokémon Brothers had an unfair battle with Misty, they got their Tentacruel to attack it with Poison Sting. Misty then took the attack for Gyarados, causing Gyarados to earn her trust. Calmed, it finally allowed her to return it to its Poké Ball. The use of Gyarados is significant as Misty had been afraid of the species up until this point. This came from a traumatic event in her childhood when she had crawled into the mouth of a sleeping Gyarados and was almost swallowed by it.

In A Togepi Mirage!, when Misty visited Ash in Hoenn, she used Gyarados to defeat Colonel Hansen's Shedinja with Flamethrower. It also appeared briefly in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, where Misty used it to battle against Dr. Yung's Mirage Mewtwo. However, it was far too strong for the Atrocious Pokémon.

Sun & Moon series

Gyarados reappeared in SM043, where it was used to battle against Ash's Pikachu. The two started with a collision of Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt. Pikachu then rushed towards Gyarados and made a direct hit with Quick Attack, sending Gyarados flying. Pikachu then started charging up Electro Ball and Gyarados used Rain Dance, confusing everyone. Ash instructed Pikachu to ignore the rain and attack. However, Gyarados countered with a Rain Dance-powered Hurricane, which destroyed the Electro Ball and sent Pikachu flying. Deciding it was time to get serious, Misty revealed her Key Stone and Mega Evolved Gyarados into Mega Gyarados.

After Mega Evolving, Gyarados launched a Hydro Pump that destroyed the rock Pikachu was standing on, sending him flying into the water in the battlefield. Not letting up, Gyarados tried to attack Pikachu with Crunch, but was struck by Iron Tail after Pikachu got behind it. Gyarados dove underwater and used Hurricane, creating a cyclone of water around Pikachu. Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunderbolt to break it up, but the strategy was unsuccessful. Misty assured Ash that no Trainer had ever beaten this strategy. Ash instead ordered Pikachu to run on the electricity with Quick Attack, which allowed to Pikachu jump out of the cyclone. The two then performed their Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc. The attack hit Gyarados head on, defeating it and giving Ash the win.

Personality and characteristics

Gyarados's Gyaradosite

At first, Gyarados was very angry and enraged, attacking every nearby person and Pokémon and not calming down for a second. This contrasts with its personality as a Magikarp, when it was much more relaxed and had once even participated in a water ballet with Misty. Its rage as a Gyarados even made it unwilling to go back into its Poké Ball, forcing Misty to confine it in a cage to avoid any further damage to the Gym.

However, when Gyarados saw how much Misty cared about her hurt Corsola, its personality started to become calmer. When Misty took the Tentacruel's Poison Sting in order to protect Gyarados, and was on the brink of drowning, Gyarados broke out of its cage and brought Misty to the surface, showing that it now had full confidence in her. By this point, Gyarados even listened to her commands and was willing to go back into its Poké Ball. This bond has remained between Misty and Gyarados ever since, making Gyarados one of Misty's primary battlers. In fact, their bond is so strong, Gyarados is able to undergo Mega Evolution.

Moves used

Misty Gyarados Rain Dance.png
Using Rain Dance
Misty Gyarados Hyper Beam.png
Using Hyper Beam
Move First Used In
Headbutt Cerulean Blues
Whirlpool Cerulean Blues
Hydro Pump  Cerulean Blues
Protect Cerulean Blues
Hyper Beam Cerulean Blues
Flamethrower A Togepi Mirage!
Rain Dance  SM043
Hurricane  SM043
Crunch  SM043
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

In the manga

In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Misty's Gyarados in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Misty also has a Gyarados in the manga counterpart to the anime, but, unlike in the anime, it was the first Pokémon she ever caught. She trained it carefully until it evolved and, due to this, it's extremely loyal to its Trainer.

Gyarados appeared in Play Misty For Me when Ash challenged the Cerulean Gym. At first Ash tried to send Pikachu into battle but the Electric Mouse was too scared of the scary Atrocious Pokémon. When Ash tried to use his Fearow it turned out to be sleeping. Next Ash tried to use Pidgeotto, but it wasn't inside of its Poké Ball, having only left behind a note to explain its absence. Ash's only choice left was Metapod, which could do nothing but use Harden. For a moment it looked like Ash had lost but then his Metapod evolved into Butterfree. Seeing his chance, Ash had Butterfree use Sleep Powder on Gyarados, putting the huge Pokémon into sleep.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Main article: Gyara

Misty's Gyarados, who was nicknamed Gyara, first appeared in Gyarados Splashes In!. It was stolen and used for experiments by Team Rocket, causing it to go berserk and attack Misty. Then Red appeared, recaptured Gyarados and returned it to her. After that, in You know... Articuno!, Red tried to get the HM Surf but he couldn't, so, Misty offered to trade Gyara with Red's Krabby, because Gyara already knew that move. With Gyara he could reach Cinnabar Island.

Gyara seems to have a cheerful personality, as after it was caught by Red, it was constantly singing and moving. The other Pokémon seem to be afraid of it after it does this.

In the Pokémon Zensho manga

Magikarp in Pokémon Zensho

Misty's Magikarp appeared in Cerulean City where it was seen in her Gym.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Misty's Gyarados in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
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Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Misty's Gyarados Water Gym Challenge Rare Holo 13/132 Leaders' Stadium Rare Holo  

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