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Missions are a feature in Pokémon Duel. There are two types of missions: Beginner Missions and Daily Missions. Beginner Missions were added in version 6.2.0 and Daily Missions were added in version 1.2.0.

Beginner Missions

Mission Reward
Clear one Training Center Duel Carmonite ×50
Edit your Deck Rare Metal [EX]
Power up with Fusion Ingot [EX]
Open a Time Booster Ingot [EX]
Get a Log-In Bonus ×1 Vibrava (212)
Get a Log-In Bonus ×2 Flygon (173)
Get a Log-In Bonus ×3 Lycanroc (469)
Get a Log-In Bonus ×4 Ingot [EX]
Get a Log-In Bonus ×5 Carmonite ×50
Win a League Match ×1 Stufful (482)
Win a League Match ×2 Rowlet (384)
Win a League Match ×3 Dartrix (364)
Reach the Leader League Rotom (462)
Set Up Your Secret Questions Cube [UC] ×9

Daily Missions

Possible missions
  • Win 1 League Match(es)
  • Win 2 League Matches
  • Clear 1 quest(s)
Possible rewards
Gems ×10 Gems ×20 Gems ×25 AI Ticket ×10 Gems ×3000 Rare Metal [C]

Special Missions

Possible missions

Special Wheel

Possible rewards
Gems ×30 Gems ×70 Rare Metal [UC] Ingot [UC] ×4 Carmonite ×50

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