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* [[Leeku]]
* [[Leeku]]
* {{p|Foongus}}'s {{pkmn|Trainer}} ([[BW056]])*
* {{p|Foongus}}'s {{pkmn|Trainer}} ([[BW056]])*
* [[Lauder]]
* [[Rhoder]]

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Misato Fukuen

Misato Fukuen (Japanese: 福圓美里, born on January 10, 1982) is a voice actress who provides the voices of some characters in the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime. Her most famous role in the series is that of Ash's Oshawott.

Pokémon roles

Fukuen joined the cast in the Best Wishes series, voicing Ash's Oshawott. She also voices Iris's rival, Georgia.



* No official credit was given for this character.

Other non-Pokémon roles

Voice Dubbing into Japanese

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