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ミル Miru
Art from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl
Anime debut Mira, Abra, and the Water's Bottom!
English voice actor Unknown
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Mira (Japanese: ミル Miru) is a Pokémon trainer from Sinnoh.

In the anime

Mira appears in DP047, near Hearthome City. Wanting to use Dawn's Water Pokémon for her own purposes, she offers to teleport everyone to Hearthome using her Abra. However, she teleports them to a flooded city and tells them her grandmother's pendant was lost in the newly-flooded lake. Everyone goes diving to recover the pendant but is repelled by a wild Gyarados. After another confession, Mira explains that actually the Poké Ball containing a Sandshrew she and her friends used to play with was left at the school when the town was flooded for the dam. Ash has Pikachu defeat the wild Gyarados and Mira is reunited with her Sandshrew. In thanks, she has her Abra teleport everyone to Hearthome City.


In the games

She is one of seven trainers who can join with the main character during an event in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Later, she can join the player in competition at Sinnoh's Battle Tower. She first appears in the Wayward Cave. She got lost inside looking for Pokémon and needs to be escorted out. Mira says she prefers using support moves like Flash.


Wayward Cave


Battle Tower

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