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Minnie (Japanese: ミナエ Minae) is a character of the day who appeared in Gymbaliar!. Ash and his friends met her while wandering through the woods to get to Jubilife City.

Minnie was trying to get to a fake Gym that Team Rocket created, not knowing that it was a scam to have her Pokémon stolen. When the group got there, Minnie and Ash asked at about the same time to challenge. Even though Ash asked first, Jessie said that Minnie did and let her challenge her first.

Minnie's Scizor was eventually defeated by the Croagunk Jessie was using. Jessie told Minnie that they would train her Scizor to be stronger, but what they were really plotting was to steal Scizor.

After Team Rocket was defeated, Minnie got Scizor back from the trio of thieves and offered to stay behind and return the other Trainers' Pokémon. She also mentions that she and her Scizor are not ready to take on Gyms yet, given what happened, so they opt to train some more.


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This listing is of Minnie's known Pokémon:

Minnie's Scizor
Scizor was used by Minnie to battle the Croagunk under Princess Powerzone's command. After appearing that it had won, Croagunk got up and was able to defeat Scizor. Minnie then gave Scizor to Team Rocket after hearing of the promise to train it. Later on, Scizor and the other Pokémon were rescued from Team Rocket. Minnie then went back to Team Rocket's Powerzone Gym with Scizor to return the Pokémon to their Trainers, when they came back.

Scizor's known moves are Quick Attack, Slash and Metal Claw.

Debut Gymbaliar!
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 木村亜希子 Akiko Kimura
English Mary Murphy
Czech Anežka Pohorská
Finnish Henna Haverinen
Polish Joanna Jabłczyńska
Brazilian Portuguese Lene Bastos
European Spanish Belén Rodríguez

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