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マツリカ Matsurika
Sun Moon Mina.png
Concept art from Sun and Moon
Age 11-19SM
Gender Female
Eye color Grey
Hair color Blond with pink highlights
Hometown Seafolk Village
Region Alola
Relatives Unnamed mother and father
Trainer class Trial Captain
Generation VII
Games Sun and Moon
Specializes in Fairy types

Mina (Japanese: マツリカ Matsurika) is the Trial Captain of Poni Island. She specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon.

In the games

Mina is an aspiring artist who started painting at an early age. She is acquainted with Ilima.

The player first meets Mina while navigating the Vast Poni Canyon. Mina is seen surveying the landscape when she notices the player and introduces herself as a captain. However, because she spends so much time dedicated to her art, she doesn't have an actual trial prepared for the player. Instead, she gives the player a Fairium Z. She muses on what she could make her trial about before bidding the player farewell.

Later on, Mina can be encountered after the main story during the third Ultra Beast hunt mission. She was sent by someone to relay the information about UB-03's appearances in Akala Island and to battle the player as a trial of strength. After being defeated, Mina will bid the player farewell and then leaves.

Mina can also be encountered once more in Poni Gauntlet, where she says she was just done doing a hundred sketches and is resting. Because she has defeated all of the trainers in the area, Mina is bored and has nothing else to do. She challenges the player to beat all of the trainers in Poni Gauntlet if they want to challenge her again. If the player succeeds in defeating all of the trainers and Mina herself, she will award them with a Bottle Cap.


Mina can be battled in either order, and her team is near-identical in both, but she only uses her Z-Ring in the Poni Gauntlet battle. Mina's Pokémon are kept in Ultra Balls.

Route 8 battle

Poni Gauntlet battle


Vast Poni Canyon
"Oh! Now that's a great composition! I could paint a picture of you—the visitor to Poni!"
"Guess I didn't introduce myself though. I'm Mina. I'm the captain."
"I mean, I sort of am. I actually just wander around doing my art, so I don't have an actual trial or anything... But Vast Poni Canyon sure is a wonder, huh?"
"Once you've been through this place, you can really get to understand why that Ilima boy designed his trial the way he did, right?"
"Oh, yeah. Ohhhh, yeah. Here. Take this as a token of our acquaintance."
"It's the Fairium Z. Get your Z on!"
"I'm the captain and all, so I've gotta come up with a trial. Maybe it could involve painting pictures and picking flowers... Maybe a trial like that could be cool?"
"See you later then! Alola, alola!"
Route 8
"They sent me here on an errand. Since I'm not busy doing trials or anything."
"It's a secret. Oh, and I had one more order I was given. Or was it a request? Either way..."
"I was told I should have a real serious battle with <player> before I came back. I don't really know why, but it seems like maybe it's some sort of trial of strength."
  • Before battle
"So come on! Let's have a battle! Have a Pokémon battle against me!"
Hold on: "Shocking! You want me to wait? Fine then. I guess I can wait."
Sure: "All right! Then let's get going already! Time for Mina to show you her full power! We'll get our Z on!"
  • When defeated
"Whoa! I'm shocked at your strength!"
  • After being defeated
"Whoa, you're surprisingly strong! Then it's no problem. Turns out, you're strong enough, <player>."
"OK, I'm out of here!"
Poni Gauntlet
  • Before defeating all the Trainers in the area
"Oh! You're the one from the great composition! I just did a hundred sketches, so now I'm taking a break. I beat all the Trainers around here, too, so now I'm totally bored again... I wish there was someone to go all out against. That's it! <player>! If you can beat all the Trainers around here, too, I'll give you a battle against me!"
  • After defeating all the Trainers in the area
"Oh! The one from the great composition! Looks like you've beaten everybody else in this place, huh? Then have a battle against Captain Mina! Let's get our Z on!"
"I hope you're ready for the extraordinary Z-Power of me and my Pokémon!"
Not yet!: "OK, I guess I'll wait. I'll wait ri-i-ight here. And not move an inch."
I'll take you on!: "Then here I go! I'm going all out, big-time!"
  • If talked to again after selecting "Not yet!"
"Hey, welcome back!"
  • Before battle
"Me and my team are all full-powered to the max!"
  • When defeated
"Whoa! I'm shocked at your strength!"
  • After being defeated
"Hrmmm! Well, this is frustrating. I failed to really use my full power..."
"But it was a fun battle, so take this, big-time!"
"I'd like to draw a picture of the way you look when you're battling, <player>! Let's have another full-power Pokémon battle again sometime, yeah?"


VSMina.pngVSMina 2.png
VS model from
Sun and Moon
Mina SM OD.png
Overworld model from
Sun and Moon


Language Name Origin
Japanese マツリカ Matsurika From 茉莉花 matsurika, Arabian jasmine
English Mina From jasmine
French Oléa From Oleaceae, the family that contains jasmine
German Matsurika Same as her Japanese name
Italian, Spanish Rika Similar to her Japanese name
Korean 말리화 Mallihwa From 말리화 (茉莉花) mallihwa, Arabian jasmine
Chinese (Mandarin) 茉莉 Mòlì From 茉莉 mòlì, jasmine
Chinese (Cantonese) 茉莉 Muhtleih From 茉莉 muhtleih, jasmine

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