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<!--As Mimey appeared prior to Gen VI, Fairy type does not apply.-->
<!--Do not add Fairy to Mimey's type, regardless of it appearing in a Gen VI+ episode. It needs to be stated or shown that it is a Fairy type, simply appearing means nothing.-->

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バリちゃん Barri-chan
Debuts in It's Mr. Mime Time
Caught at Pallet Town
Gender Unknown*
Ability Unknown
Current location Ketchum residence
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Mr. Mime Yūji Ueda Kayzie Rogers

Mimey (Japanese: バリちゃん Barri-chan) is a Mr. Mime who lives with Delia Ketchum. It does housework for her, apparently in exchange for room and board.


Mimey and Delia

Mimey debuted in It's Mr. Mime Time. Ash and his friends first saw Mimey using its Psychic powers to climb an invisible barrier it created. Ash wanted to capture it, but a ringmaster wanted to as well. In the chaos, Mimey got away. The ringmaster had wanted to capture it to inspire another Mr. Mime that worked on her circus. Brock decided to help and had Ash dress as a Mr. Mime to help instead. When Delia and Professor Oak went to the circus, they found out about the plan. When the wild Mr. Mime Ash and his friends saw earlier came to her door, Delia thought it was Ash in costume, and provided it with food. When the real Ash showed up, still in costume, she was quite puzzled. It then teamed up with Delia to help stop Team Rocket from stealing all the Pokémon in Stella's circus. Ever since then Delia has adopted it and affectionately nicknamed it "Mimey". It is unknown if Delia actually captured Mimey, as she is never shown with its Poké Ball.

Delia taking care of a sick Mimey

Ash was shown to be somewhat envious of Delia's affection for Mimey; Delia once described it as more polite and helpful compared to Ash. He also became annoyed when Delia took its side after it had woken him up by using the vacuum on his face. Despite this, Ash and Mimey are on good terms, with Mimey happily accepting Ash's friendly greetings on his return trips to Pallet Town. Ash in particular is glad that Delia has Mimey as a housemate, as while he is on his journey, his mother will have company at home and will never be lonely.

Mimey has made a few appearances during the side story episodes outside of the main series. In Showdown at the Oak Corral, it helped ward off Butch and Cassidy from Professor Oak's Laboratory. Also in Journey to the Starting Line!, it helped save the life of a Charmander that had fallen into a lake using Psychic to pluck it and Tracey out of the water.

Mimey appeared in The Dream Continues! where it was overjoyed when Ash and Pikachu returned to Pallet Town.

Personality and characteristics

Mimey will only listen to Delia and if anyone else gives it orders or asks it to do something, it will normally ignore them unless told otherwise by Delia. It greatly enjoys doing the household chores around the Ketchum home and does not like sharing its job with others. When Ash and his friends returned to Pallet Town following the Orange Islands saga, it was revealed that Brock and Mimey had become rather competitive regarding household tasks while the two of them were sharing the house with Delia. It's also protective of Delia's property and will quickly spring into action to defend it as seen in The Rivalry Revival where it used Light Screen to keep Team Rocket from trampling her garden.

Moves used

Mimey Psychic.png
Using Psychic
Move First Used In
Barrier It's Mr. Mime Time
Light Screen The Rivalry Revival
Double Slap Showdown at the Oak Corral
Psychic Journey to the Starting Line!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


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