Mikan Island

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Mikan redirects here. For the Gym Leader whose Japanese name is Mikan, see Jasmine.

Mikan Island
ナツカン島 Natsukan Island
Mikan Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Fit to be Tide
Gym info
CissySmall.png Leader: Cissy 64px
Challenge: Accuracy test, surfing race
Badge: Coral-Eye Badge
Location of Mikan Island in the Orange Archipelago

Mikan Island (Japanese: ナツカン島 Natsukan Island) is an island in the southwestern region of the Orange Archipelago.

The Mikan Gym is the first of four that leads to the Orange League. The Gym Leader Cissy and her younger brother Senta live here.

Places of interest

Pokémon Center

The Mikan Island Pokémon Center is located in the town. It is a large building with many windows, a square red roof, and a large "P" over the doorway. This Pokémon Center has two floors. On the ground floor is a large front desk, seats for the Trainers, and telephones. On the second floor, there are seats looking out the large windows with views of the ocean. It is not shown, but the Pokémon Center is most likely run by a Nurse Joy.

Mikan Gym

Main article: Mikan Gym

Away from the town, down a long path, is the Mikan Gym. Outside, the Gym Leader's brother sets side traps to test the Trainer. The Gym Leader of the Gym is Cissy.

Inside, there is a battle arena that opens up for a pool underneath. The main arena's right wall can open up like a garage door, so the challengers and Gym Leader can hit frisbees with their Water Gun. The left side's bleachers open up to reveal a row of empty soda cans the challengers and Gym Leaders also hit with Water Gun.

In the back there is a large beach area where the challengers and Gym leader compete in a Pokémon Wave Ride. There are flags indicating where the Pokémon should turn. If the challenger should win the battle, then they get the Coral-Eye Badge.

Pokémon seen on Mikan Island

Cissy Blastoise.png
Cissy Seadra.png


  • Mikan is the general Japanese term for citrus.
  • "Natsukan" is an abbreviated form of "natsumikan", which literally means summer orange. There is no English equivalent.

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