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==Pokémon roles==
==Pokémon roles==
Her earliest famous known her role was [[Jigglypuff]] and [[Tracey's Marill]]. In [[Best Wishes]] series, she recivied most important, [[Iris's Emolga]] and [[James's Yamask]].
Her early famous roles were {{an|Jigglypuff}}, [[Tracey's Marill]] and [[Ash's Bayleef]]. In {{series|Best Wishes}}, she rstarted voicing [[Iris's Emolga]] and [[James's Yamask]].

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Mika Kanai (かないみか, born on 18 March 1964) is a voice actress for the Japanese version of Pokémon. She was married to fellow voice actor Kōichi Yamadera, who is most famous for playing characters exclusive to the movies; the two divorced in 2006.

Pokémon roles

Her early famous roles were Jigglypuff, Tracey's Marill and Ash's Bayleef. In Best Wishes series, she rstarted voicing Iris's Emolga and James's Yamask.





Super Smash Bros. series

Other non-Pokémon roles

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