Mewtwo's Challenge (Battrio)

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Mewtwo's Challenge
Battrio expansion 03 logo.png
Number of pucks 48
Expansion number 03
System version ver. 1.2
Release date January 25, 2008
Darkrai Invasion
Mysterious Mew

The Mewtwo's Challenge Collection (Japanese: ミュウツーの挑戦編) is the third Pokémon Battrio expansion set. It features 48 pucks.

Puck list

Puck No. Name Type Rarity
03-001 Mewtwo Psychic Master
03-002 Darkrai Dark Master
03-003 Torterra Grass Hyper
03-004 Infernape Fire Hyper
03-005 Mesprit Psychic Hyper
03-006 Lucario Fighting Hyper
03-007 Charizard Fire Hyper
03-008 Blastoise Water Hyper
03-009 Grotle Grass Super
03-010 Prinplup Water Super
03-011 Magmortar Fire Super
03-012 Mamoswine Ice Super
03-013 Bronzong Steel Super
03-014 Yanmega Bug Super
03-015 Staraptor Flying Super
03-016 Weavile Dark Super
03-017 Drapion Poison Super
03-018 Ivysaur Grass Super
03-019 Charmeleon Fire Super
03-020 Dragonite Dragon Super
03-021 Gallade Psychic Super
03-022 Dusknoir Ghost Super
03-023 Chimchar Fire Normal
03-024 Piplup Water Normal
03-025 Shinx Electric Normal
03-026 Bronzor Steel Normal
03-027 Staravia Flying Normal
03-028 Budew Grass Normal
03-029 Riolu Fighting Normal
03-030 Bulbasaur Grass Normal
03-031 Squirtle Water Normal
03-032 Eevee Normal Normal
03-033 Flareon Fire Normal
03-034 Jolteon Electric Normal
03-035 Tangela Grass Normal
03-036 Ponyta Fire Normal
03-037 Pichu Electric Normal
03-038 Rhyhorn Ground Normal
03-039 Meowth Normal Normal
03-040 Porygon Normal Normal
03-041 Haunter Ghost Normal
03-042 Scyther Bug Normal
03-043 Kadabra Psychic Normal
03-044 Onix Rock Normal
03-045 Pidgeotto Flying Normal
03-046 Snover Ice Normal
03-047 Sneasel Dark Normal
03-048 Mantyke Water Normal

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