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The menu is something used in the main series of the Pokémon games that allows the player to select what they wish to do. The menu's contents have changed through generations, and also change depending on the player's progression through the game. In every game the menu is accessed by pressing the start button, except in Generation IV in which it is accessed by pressing the X button.

The menu commands and their functions are

  • Pokédex - Displays the player's Pokédex.
  • Pokémon - Displays the player's current party.
  • Bag or Pack - Displays the player's bag and the items inside.
  • PokéGear (Generation II) or PokéNav (Generation III) - Displays the PokéGear or PokéNav to provide players with a map of the region and names of previously fought trainers, among other features that differ between generations.
  • Player's name - Displays the Trainer Card where the player can view their current money, play time, badges, and other features.
  • Save - Saves the player's current progress.
  • Options - Allows the player to change various in-game features.
  • Exit - Closes the menu.

In Generation I, the menu screen would be darker than usual if the menu was opened in a cave or other place that was very dark and Flash had not yet been used.

The menu in Generation IV has a different variation when the player enters The Underground. The background of it is black instead of white, and multiple new things may be selected such as "goods" and "go up".