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Memory Link (Japanese: おもいでリンク Memory Link) is a feature introduced in Pokémon Black and White 2.

In the games

Memory Link is a new feature that allows players to sync both the original Black and White with Black 2 and White 2 together via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or DS Wireless Communications. With this feature, the player can access new game features and interactions in Black 2 and White 2. The player may need to finish the main story in their Pokémon Black or White games to see some of the flashbacks.


There are several events that take place via Memory Link.


Certain NPCs will reflect on the past when spoken to after Memory Link has been activated. These memories will explain some of the events that happen in the two year gap that led to the current Unova. Here is a list of the NPCs' flashbacks that occur within the game via Memory Link, how to unlock them and their locations:

A Triple Team

A Triple Team flashback

A Triple Team (Japanese: さんにん そろって The Trio Gathered)

  • Location: Inside the Striaton City restaurant
  • Unlocked by: Obtaining the Trio Badge in Black and White
  • Memory: Discover why the Striaton Gym Leaders abdicated their position.

Different Bones and Dreams

Different Bones and Dreams flashback

Different Bones and Dreams (Japanese: それぞれの ホネと ユメ Respective Bones and Dreams)

Hearts' Desire

Hearts' Desire flashback

Hearts' Desire (Japanese: もとめる ココロ Searching Hearts)

  • Location: Inside the Icirrus Gym.
  • Unlocked by: Obtaining the Freeze Badge in Black and White
  • Memory: See Brycen telling Alder he wishes to resign as Gym Leader. Alder also declares that he will resign as Champion.

A New Light

A New Light flashback

A New Light (Japanese: あらたな ひかり A New Light)

Taking it to The Next Level

Taking it to the Next Level flashback

Taking it to The Next Level (Japanese: ついきゅう ハイセンス!! Pursuing the High Sense!!)

  • Location: In front of the Mistralton Gym
  • Unlocked by: Obtaining the Jet Badge in Black and White
  • Memory: Elesa talks to Skyla about her image.

White and Black

White and Black flashback

White and Black (Japanese: しろ と くろ White and Black)

  • Location: Inside the house of Team Plasma in Driftveil City
  • Unlocked by: Defeating N and Ghetsis in Black and White
  • Memory: Two Team Plasma grunts are shown talking about N. When they leave, N appears.

Farewell, Beloved Sister

Farewell, Beloved Sister flashback

Farewell, Beloved Sister (Japanese: さらば あいすべき スター Farewell, Beloved Star)

  • Location: Upstairs in the Pokémon Musical (or downstairs, in case the player immediately chooses to receive the Prop Case from the linked player)
  • Unlocked by: Participating in Pokémon Musical in Black and White
  • Memory: The Pokémon Musical owner will talk to himself about whether Hilbert/Hilda dropped the Prop Case on purpose or by accident.
  • Note: Before the flashback, the owner will give the contents of the Prop Case to Nate/Rosa.

Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye

File:Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye flashback.png
Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye flashback

Meeting Friends, Saying Good-Bye (Japanese: トモダチと であいと わかれ Meeting and Parting with Friends)

  • Location: Inside any Pokémon Center
  • Unlocked by: Defeating N and Ghetsis in Black and White
  • Memory: See N inside Chargestone Cave, talking about releasing his Pokemon, separating Pokémon and people, and facing the player character from Black and White.

Player's room

If the player has achieved certain goals in the original Black and White, such as a certificate for the Pokédex and trophies from the Battle Subway, then they can be transferred to the player's room in Black 2 and White 2 and can be observed from there.

Musical Props

The player may receive the Props for the Pokémon Musical that were previously owned by the player. The owner will claim that they have dropped it accidentally and will give the player the props if they had not already received a Prop Case. However the case won't be obtainable if the player already received a new one in Black 2 and White 2.

Loblolly's Studio

Items can be brought over to the player's Dream World home from the player's Dream World home from Black and White if the player assists Loblolly picking items for creation which end up in the Dream World in Black and White.

N's Pokémon

Main article: N's Pokémon

The player may obtain and capture some of N's Pokémon that he previously had during his adventure in the original Black and White, excluding the Pokémon that N had used during the final battle against the player in Black and White. To find N's Pokémon, the player must defeat N and Ghetsis in Black and White.


When Memory Link is used, the player can battle Bianca and Cheren, who have their old team from the original Black and White, depending on who the starter Pokémon was in Black and White. The player must have defeated N and Ghetsis in Black and White in order to have these one time battles.


Snivy If the player chose SnivyBW:

Tepig If the player chose TepigBW:

Oshawott If the player chose OshawottBW:


Snivy If the player chose SnivyBW:

Tepig If the player chose TepigBW:

Oshawott If the player chose OshawottBW:


  • Although the White and Black flashback is referred in the Memory List not to be unlocked until the player has participated once in the Pokémon World Tournament, it is possible to view it before doing so.
  • The flashback さらば あいすべき スター Farewell, Beloved Star was mistranslated to Farewell, Beloved Sister in English releases.
  • The Memory List text for the flashback Taking it to The Next Level reads: "After your visit to Lentimas Town, Skyla stares blankly while standing in front of the Mistralton City Gym. She wants to talk to someone about something that's worrying her." This is highly inconsistent with the actual flashback.
    • Also, near the end, Elesa says, "You bet! And don't call me Shirley." This is a possible reference to a line in the movie Airplane!
  • All flashbacks use Black and White's 揺れぬ想い Unwavering Emotion as background music.

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