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Listed below are biographies of most members of Team Rocket that have appeared in the anime. Their appearances date from almost the very beginning to the present day episodes and movies.

Regular appearances

Regular members of Team Rocket in their Best Wishes series costumes.

Jessie, James and Meowth

Main articles: Team Rocket trio, Jessie, James & Meowth

The trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth are the primary antagonists of the anime. They have followed Ash and his friends from Pokémon Emergency! through to the latest episodes, in an attempt to steal his Pikachu. Bumbling fools, their schemes rarely work out and they end up "blasting off" into the sky at the conclusion of each episode. Meowth reveals that prior to Meowth's Scrafty Tactics!, after messing up a mission in Nimbasa City, he got fired from Team Rocket, splitting up with Jessie and James. Meowth eventually revealed that he lied and was in fact still with Jessie and James.

Butch and Cassidy

Main articles: Butch and Cassidy

Butch and Cassidy have made fleeting appearances in most seasons of the anime. They are more competent than Jessie and James, with whom they have a strong rivalry. Unlike Jessie and James, they are often arrested for their crimes.


Main article: Giovanni

Giovanni is the current leader of Team Rocket. He assigns missions to the organization's members; Pokémon stolen are given to him. He resides at Team Rocket's headquarters most of the time.

Team Rocket Grunts

Main article: Team Rocket Grunt (Trainer class)

On large-scale missions, Team Rocket Grunts will accompany high-ranking team members. They dress in full black.

Special appearances


Main article: Domino

Domino is an elite officer within Team Rocket. She has a close relationship with Giovanni and runs some missions, as seen in Mewtwo Returns.

Attila and Hun

Main article: Attila and Hun

Attila and Hun are the Team Rocket agents used in the mission in The Legend of Thunder! They are assigned the mission of capturing the legendary beast Raikou. In Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, they make a cameo appearance with a captured Rayquaza.

Iron-Masked Marauder

Main article: Iron-Masked Marauder

The Iron-Masked Marauder attempts to steal legendary Pokémon in Celebi: Voice of the Forest. A character of pure evil, he pretends to want Celebi for Giovanni, although his true intentions are to use its power to overthrow his boss and rule Team Rocket himself.

Madame Boss

Main article: Madame Boss

Madame Boss is a former leader of Team Rocket and Giovanni's mother. She appeared only in The Birth of Mewtwo.


Main article: Tyson (Team Rocket)

Tyson led Team Rocket's "evolution inducement" experiment in Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution. He is a high-ranking member of Team Rocket and was arrested at the end of the story arc.


Main article: Wendy (anime)

Wendy is a loyal member of Team Rocket with a personal grudge against Jessie that dates back to when they were training together.

Rocket Scout

Main article: Rocket Scout

The Rocket Scout commands the Delibird that collects membership fees from Team Rocket members.


Main article: Matori

Matori, who also has access to the Delibird, is a recent addition to Team Rocket. She serves Giovanni directly as his secretary.


Dr. Fuji

Main article: Dr. Fuji

Dr. Fuji is a scientist who was working on cloning his dead daughter Amber. He caught the attention of Rocket Leader Giovanni, who began funding Dr. Fuji's experiments. This led to the clone Pokémon Mewtwo.

Dr. Namba

Main article: Dr. Namba

Dr. Namba was involved in the Lugia plot in the Whirl Islands (The Mystery is History-A Promise is a Promise). He made later appearances commanding Butch and Cassidy.

Prof. Sebastian

Main article: Professor Sebastian

Professor Sebastian has worked with Team Rocket on a number of missions, including the Raikou mission in The Legend of Thunder! and the Red Gyarados mission in Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution.

Dr. Zager

Main article: Dr. Zager

Dr. Zager is a Team Rocket scientist who has taken a commanding officer role in relation to Jessie, James and Meowth. His debut was in Scraggy-Hatched to be Wild! and has appeared in several other episodes since.

Members of Team Rocket
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