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Megg (Japanese: シホ Shiho) is a member of the Kids Grid and lives with her older brother, Nett, in The Under. She has a Shroomish but it is unknown if she or any of the kids in Pyrite Town and The Under have any other Pokémon.

After Nett sends Wes a photo, to test the P*DA's capabilities beyond e-mail, Megg believes it was a photo of herself sent, leaving her embarrassed. She's glad to learn it wasn't a photo of her, saying she doesn't look very good in them.

After hearing about Wes and Rui, Megg is joyful when she finally meets them. She looks up to Wes and Rui as inspirational heroes. She worries about them when they go to places such as the headquarters of Cipher.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, she is the secretary for ONBS.

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