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Meet Mew!
ISBN: 1421509350
Published: September 2006
Publisher: VIZ Media
Author: Akihito Toda
Preceded By: Dragonite's Christmas
Succeeded By: Snorlax's Snack

Meet Mew! is written by Akihito Toda is the ninth book in the Pokémon Tales series. It is 16 pages long.



In this book, the author found a very clever way to explain why people hardly ever see Mew. It turns out there's a whole group of Mews living in the heavens, but they have one cardinal rule: Don't show yourself to a human unless you have a good reason! However, one Mew who's shown himself to kids lots of times has a dilemma when a kid he's recently shown himself to is ridiculed by his friends when he says he saw a Mew. However, the other Mews realize that sometimes it's more important to help a friend than obey the rules, and they come up with a plan to help the little boy.






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