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MechaMew2 is a Robotic Pokémon seen only in Pokémon Live!. It is considered by Giovanni to be the most powerful Pokémon in existence. Giovanni promised Trainers the very rare Diamond Badge to anyone who could defeat it. MechaMew2 is based on Mewtwo, another Pokémon whose creation was ordered by Giovanni.

In the TCG

MechaMew2's promo card

MechaMew2 never made an official appearance in the TCG; however, a promotional card was given out to attendees of the performance.


  • MechaMew2 is commonly misspelled as "MechaMewtwo".
  • Part of his design (namely the treads) resembles the HK-Tanks from the Terminator series.

Name origin

MechaMew2 came from "Mecha" and "Mew2", a shortened version of Mewtwo.

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