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McGinty (Japanese: マキタ Makita) is a recurring character who debuted in The Cave of Trials!. He runs a photo studio in Geosenge Town and is a friend of Gurkinn.

When Ash, his friends and Korrina visited Geosenge Town, they were thinking about how they could find a Lucarionite for Korrina. McGinty greeted and welcomed them to the town and introduced himself. He proposed to take a photo of the group as a souvenir, to which they agreed. After this, the group asked them were they could search for valuable stones, to which McGinty directed them to the cave systems in the nearby mountains. Korrina specifically asked him where she could find a Lucarionite, and McGinty remembered there was supposed to be a cave where a special stone could be found. He told the group where they could find this particular cave, but also warned them that if an unqualified person would enter, something terrifying would happen.

In reality, McGinty knew what was lying ahead and had been asked by Gurkinn to direct Korrina to the cave so she could try to get the Lucarionite. When Korrina and the group later returned with the Lucarionite and Gurkinn, he explained to the group he was part of Gurkinn's plan, much to their bewildering. McGinty then witnessed how Korrina proceeded to use her Lucarionite on her Lucario for the first time.

Korrina's Lucario's transformation continued in The Aura Storm!. After Lucario successfully Mega Evolved, Ash challenged Korrina to a battle with his Pikachu. During the battle, Mega Lucario went berserk and trashed Pikachu around. After Gurkinn managed to stop Mega Lucario with his own Lucario, Mega Lucario went back to its regular form. Gurkinn then entrusted McGinty with Korrina's Lucarionite. As the group and Korrina and Gurkinn went to the nearby Pokémon Center to heal Lucario and Pikachu, McGinty went to carve the Lucarionite into a portable size, and encased it in a wearable accessory so Korrina's Lucario would be able to carry it around easier. He also gave Korrina a new print of the photo he took of her and the group earlier, as her previous one was burned during Korrina's search for the Lucarionite.

Afterwards he watched a battle between Korrina and Gurkinn in which they both used their Mega Evolved Lucario. Unfortunately, Korrina's Mega Lucario went out of control again, but Gurkinn's Mega Lucario stopped it once again. After scolding Korrina for not properly being able to understand Mega Evolution yet, Gurkinn sent her to Pomace Mountain to train. The group decided to go with her, and they said their farewells to McGinty and Gurkinn as they left Geosenge Town.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 最上嗣生 Tsuguo Mogami
English Marc Thompson
Finnish Pasi Ruohonen
Hebrew דן שצברג Dan Shatsberg
Polish Paweł Szczesny
European Spanish Juan Perucho

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