McDonald's Pokémon-e Minimum Pack (TCG)

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The McDonald's Promotional cards are a collection of cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The cards were released exclusively in Japanese McDonald's stores for a limited time in 2002. Each Happy Meal purchased included a booster pack containing nine cards, including at least one holographic card and at least one basic Energy card. Each of the Six Energy cards had a holographic and a non-holographic variant.

Card List

No. Card Name Type
001/018 Bulbasaur Grass
002/018 Oddish Grass
003/018 Chikorita Grass
004/018 Charmander Fire
005/018 Vulpix Fire
006/018 Cyndaquil Fire
007/018 Squirtle Water
008/018 Totodile Water
009/018 Marill Water
010/018 Pikachu Lightning
011/018 Chinchou Lightning
012/018 Mareep Lightning
013/018 Abra Psychic
014/018 Slowpoke Psychic
015/018 Natu Psychic
016/018 Sandshrew Fighting
017/018 Phanpy Fighting
018/018 Larvitar Fighting
-- Grass Energy E
-- Fire Energy E
-- Water Energy E
-- Lightning Energy E
-- Psychic Energy E
-- Fighting Energy E

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