McDonald's Collection 2023 (TCG)

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McDonald's Collection 2023
SetSymbolMcDonalds Collection 2023.png
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Cards in set 15
Release period From July 27, 2023

The McDonald's Collection 2023 is a limited set of cards available from participating McDonald's restaurants in 2023. It began on July 27, 2023 in Germany and Austria, and reached the UK on August 23.[1] In the United States, the promotion started on September 12. In Poland, this set was released on October 7.


A pack of four cards was included in Happy Meals during the promotion, along with a toy, consisting of a plastic or cardboard spinner and coin, or a book.

The spinner and coin were used to play a game called Match Battle. Two players choose one of the four cards and compare data points in a best three out of five match. The spinner chooses the data point (HP, height, weight, Pokédex number, or set number) while the coin indicates whether the higher or lower number wins (heads is higher, tails is lower).

Each Match Battle booster pack contained one card featuring a Confetti Holofoil treatment as seen on previous McDonald's promotional cards, and three Non Holofoil cards. Only six cards out of the set were available in Holofoil: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Cetitan, Pikachu, and Klawf.[2]

Set list

Match Battle 2023
SetSymbolMcDonalds Collection 2023.png
No. Mark Card name Type Rarity
001/015 G Sprigatito Grass Promotion
002/015 G Fuecoco Fire Promotion
003/015 G Quaxly Water Promotion
004/015 G Cetoddle Water Promotion
005/015 G Cetitan Water Promotion
006/015 G Pikachu Lightning Promotion
007/015 G Pawmi Lightning Promotion
008/015 G Kilowattrel Lightning Promotion
009/015 G Flittle Psychic Promotion
010/015 G Sandaconda Fighting Promotion
011/015 G Klawf Fighting Promotion
012/015 G Blissey Colorless Promotion
013/015 G Tandemaus Colorless Promotion
014/015 G Cyclizar Colorless Promotion
015/015 G Kirlia Psychic Promotion


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