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|ja=山本百合子 ''Yuriko Yamamoto''
|ja=山本百合子 ''Yuriko Yamamoto''
|en=[[Amy Palant]]
|es_eu=Alicia Sainz de la Maza
|es_eu=Alicia Sainz de la Maza
|es_la=Ana Lobo}}
|es_la=Ana Lobo}}

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Maya stands with the Sea Spirit

Maya (Japanese: マヤ Maya) is a character in the Pokémon anime.

She is a Sea Priestess of the Whirl Islands, responsible for keeping the culture and tradition of the Whirl Cup alive. Like generations of great Water Pokémon Trainers before her, she oversees the Whirl Cup competition with the magical power of the Great Sea Spirit Sapphire. It is said that she can communicate with Water Pokémon when she evokes the Sea Spirit Union.

She watched over the Whirl Cup Tournament in Dueling Heroes and The Perfect Match!. Maya also is very confident, as was proven when Officer Jenny warned her that the Sea Spirit was about to be stolen. Maya smiled and told the officer not to worry about what may happen.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山本百合子 Yuriko Yamamoto
English Amy Palant
Spanish Latin America Ana Lobo
Spain Alicia Sainz de la Maza

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