May's Munchlax

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May's Munchlax
ハルカのゴンベ Haruka's Gonbe
Poké Ball
May Munchlax.png
May's Munchlax
Debuts in Berry, Berry Interesting
Caught at Hoenn
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Munchlax Chie Satō Darren Dunstan (AG117-AG144)
Billy Beach (AG147-present)

May's Munchlax (Japanese: ハルカのゴンベ Haruka's Gonbe) was the fifth Pokémon caught by May during her travels through Hoenn.


Munchlax eating


May caught Munchlax in the episode Berry, Berry Interesting. This wild Pokémon was in trouble when it was framed for stealing and eating other Trainers' Pokéblocks, May decided to take the responsibility for its acts, plus it was the only Pokémon May could find that liked her custom Pokéblocks, May's Purple Surprise, so she decided to catch it. But its dodging skills were too much trouble for Combusken. After it was proved innocent and became distracted eating the incoming Pokéblocks, May threw a Poké Ball at it but Munchlax ate the Poké Ball. It then activated from inside Munchlax, and it was caught.

Munchlax seemed to take a liking to Max, spending a lot of time with him. Munchlax was also the only one of May's Pokémon that was not used in her first Grand Festival. During the Festival when Skitty used Assist to show off all the moves of May's team, one of the moves she used was a SolarBeam, hinting it may have been Munchlax's to her traveling partners, which proved true.

Kanto Battle Frontier

Munchlax was one of the Pokémon May took with her when she traveled through the Kanto region. In A Real Cleffa Hanger, Munchlax was shown to know Metronome. In On Cloud Arcanine, after using it to use ExtremeSpeed, Munchlax quickly ate the Pecha Berries on the trees instead of attacking the Arcanine it was supposed to. In May's Egg-Cellent Adventure, Munchlax took part in its first battle against Nicolette's Vileplume, where it was revealed to know Focus Punch and SolarBeam.

May entered Munchlax in a Contest in Harley Rides Again. It made it to the final round where it was up against Harley's Octillery. It put up a good fight before it eventually lost.

In Spontaneous Combusken!, Munchlax participated in the Appeals Round of the Chrysanthemum Pokémon Contest. Munchlax and May made use of the enhancement SolarBeam received from the sun before taking their chances with Metronome. The result was a Rest attack, though May had come prepared with some Pink Surprise Pokéblocks, which woke Munchlax up and compelled it to show a magnificent jump. Munchlax's efforts put May through to the second round.


Munchlax continued traveling with May when she left to compete in the Contests in Johto, and stayed with her when she returned to participate the Wallace Cup in A Full Course Tag Battle!. May called it out to look for the stolen food along with Kylie's Munchlax, due to its powerful ability to sense food. Nonetheless, Munchlax was delighted to see Pikachu once again. Within a few minutes later then, it successfully located the stolen refrigerator and led the gang to it, unlike the other Munchlax. Because of this, Kylie was highly impressed at May by how well-trained her Munchlax is.

Personality and characteristics

Munchlax disturbing May and the others.

Like most Munchlax, May's Munchlax loves to eat and its love for food is so great that it has no qualms about eating others' food whether it belongs to people or Pokémon. Another known trait it is Munchlax's hunger will usually distract it when May is attempting to catch a Pokémon like Jigglypuff or Arcanine. But its love for food was proven to be helpful at times like one of May's contests where it instantly woke up for May's food after using Rest as a result of Metronome.

Munchlax was shown to be a powerful battler with equally powerful moves such as Focus Punch and SolarBeam. Munchlax enjoys preforming in Contests and is always giving full effort in a performance. Due to May's trust in luck, it would usually use Metronome to help or worsen a bad situation.

Moves used

May Munchlax SolarBeam.png
Using SolarBeam
Move First Used In
Metronome A Real Cleffa-Hanger
Focus Punch May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
SolarBeam May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Tackle Harley Rides Again
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves used via Metronome

May Munchlax Metronome Rest.png
Using Rest
Move First Used In
SolarBeam A Real Cleffa-Hanger
ExtremeSpeed On Cloud Arcanine
Splash May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Thunder Harley Rides Again
Rest Spontaneous Combusken!
Sandstorm King and Queen for a Day!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Focus Ball
  • Focus-Ball was first used in a Double Battle against Harley in Thinning the Hoard!. Eevee would use Shadow Ball and Munchlax would use Focus Punch. The energy from the Focus Punch would fuse with the Shadow Ball and hit the opponent with the power of the Shadow Ball and the Focus Punch.
  • Focus Punch Combination was used to deliver the final blow to Harley's Wigglytuff in Thinning the Hoard!. Eevee would use its tail to toss Munchlax up and Munchlax would then uses Focus Punch to hit the enemy.

In the TCG

Below is a list of all cards featuring May's Munchlax.

May's Munchlax
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
May's Munchlax Colorless       Movie Commemoration VS Pack: Aura's Lucario   008/020


  • Munchlax was the first Generation IV Pokémon to be caught by a main character.
  • Tackle is the only move Munchlax knows that isn't (and doesn't have a chance of being) chargeable or have a base power higher than 120.
  • Out of all of the Pokémon who ate a Poké Ball, Munchlax is the only that was successively caught as Nero swallowed the Poké Ball and went away and Ash's Gible shattered it with his teeth on Ash's first attempt.
  • Munchlax is May's only Pokémon that didn't defeat another Coordinator's Pokémon in the final round of a contest.

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