May's Glaceon

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May's Glaceon
ハルカのグレイシア Haruka's Glacia
Poké Ball
May's Glaceon using Iron Tail
Egg obtained in May's Egg-Cellent Adventure
Hatches in Time-Warp Heals All Wounds
Hatched at Fuchsia City
Evolves in Prior to A Full Course Tag Battle!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With May
Egg Eevee Glaceon
This Pokémon spent 7 episodes in its Egg and at most 110 episodes as Eevee.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Eevee Megumi Hayashibara Kayzie Rogers
As Glaceon Megumi Hayashibara Megumi Hayashibara

May's Glaceon (Japanese: ハルカのグレイシア Haruka's Glacia) was the seventh Pokémon obtained by May. As an Eevee, its Japanese voice actress is 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara and its English voice actress is Kayzie Rogers. As a Glaceon, its voice actress is 林原めぐみ Megumi Hayashibara in both English and Japanese. In Brazil, as an Eevee, in some episodes when its voice couldn't be retained, it was voiced by Gilmara Sanches.

File:AG154 008.jpeg
In its egg, held by May

It was hatched as an Eevee in Time-Warp Heals All Wounds from an egg May received from a day-care worker in May's Egg-Cellent Adventure. Since then, it had become a major part of May's team, watching every one of May's contests since it has hatched.

Eevee made its contest debut in a match against Brock and his Marshtomp in What I Did for Love, where it won.

In A Full Course Tag Battle!, May revealed that her Eevee had evolved into a Glaceon by coming into contact with the Ice Rock near Snowpoint City.

In Strategy With a Smile!, May used Glaceon in the finals of the Wallace Cup where it was up against Dawn's Piplup. Glaceon lost the match by only a few points.

Moves used

Using Mirror Coat Move First Used In
Shadow Ball What I Did for Love
Dig What I Did for Love
Tackle What I Did for Love
Iron Tail A Full Course Tag Battle!
Ice Beam A Full Course Tag Battle!
Ice Shard Strategy With a Smile!
Mirror Coat Strategy With a Smile!
Secret Power Strategy With a Smile!
An x shows that the move cannot be legitimately learned by this Pokémon in the games.
  Moves used recently are in bold unless all moves all fit this case.


File:Haruka eievui.jpg
As an Eevee, shortly after hatching
  • When it was an Eevee, it was the third Template:Type2 Pokémon that May owned. This may be a reference to her father Norman who also specializes in Normal-types.
  • Glaceon is the only evolved Pokémon belonging to May that isn't part of a three stage evolutionary line.
  • Glaceon is the second Generation IV Pokémon to be owned by May, the first being Munchlax.
  • Glaceon and Skitty are the only Pokémon she owns who do not have dubbed voices.

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