May's Beautifly

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May's Beautifly
ハルカのアゲハント Haruka's Agehunt
Poké Ball
May Beautifly.png
May's Beautifly
Debuts in All in a Day's Wurmple
Caught at Petalburg Woods
Evolves in A Corphish Out of Water
Seeing is Believing!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location In rotation
Wurmple Silcoon Beautifly
This Pokémon spent 10 episodes as Wurmple and 4 episodes as Silcoon.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Wurmple Ryoko Shiraishi Tara Jayne
As Silcoon Ryoko Shiraishi Rachael Lillis
As Beautifly Ryoko Shiraishi Rachael Lillis (AG028-AG132)
Michele Knotz (AG187-present)

May's Beautifly (Japanese: ハルカのアゲハント Haruka's Agehunt) was the second Pokémon acquired by May in her travels through Hoenn, and the first she caught in the wild.


May and Beautifly


While assisting Janet in a Rustboro City Pokémon Contest in All Things Bright and Beautifly!, May watched Janet's Beautifly perform and decided that she wanted one for herself. In the next episode, All in a Day's Wurmple, May caught a Wurmple; her first Pokémon, with the help of Forrest Franklin and her Torchic. At the end of the day May introduced her new friend to the rest of the family and when Brock presents lunch, Wurmple quickly eats everyone’s food, before falling sound asleep, leaving everyone stunned.

As a Wurmple

In Which Wurmple's Which?, Wurmple’s Trainer, May argued with Jessie over which one of them had the better Wurmple. After Max concluded that the two Wurmple are exactly the same, they begin battling, but Team Rocket were sent blasting off by Pikachu. May soon realized that she has Jessie’s Wurmple and that she has hers. While with Team Rocket, Wurmple caused trouble for them by eating their little food, proving to be far more gluttonous than Jessie’s Wurmple. Eventually, Wurmple was handed back to May in exchange for Jessie’s Wurmple.

In the episode A Corphish Out of Water, May and Jessie once again pitted their two Wurmple against each other in battle, where they both simultaneously evolved, into Silcoon and Cascoon respectively.

Four episodes later, in Seeing is Believing!, Silcoon once again battled Cascoon, in an attempt to prove to Jessie that her Pokémon was not a Silcoon, and in the process evolved into Beautifly. Later in the episode Jessie’s Cascoon evolved as well and two once again fought, with Beautifly coming out on top.

In Now That's Flower Power!, Beautifly trained with May for the Slateport City Pokémon Contest and was shown to be able to use the beautiful Silver Wind, however their routine had flaws that would not look good in the Contest, as Drew pointed out. However they managed to get past the appeal round of the Contest in Win, Lose or Drew!, however their success was short lived when Beautifly was defeated by Drew's Roselia in the first of the battle rounds.

Later, in Come What May! , Beautifly won May her first Ribbon after defeating Jessie and her Dustox, and Grace and her Medicham in the Fallarbor Town Contest.

In Cruisin' for a Losin' , Beautifly got May through to the second round of the Rubello Town Contest with a beautiful combination of Morning Sun and Silver Wind.

As a Silcoon

In the episode That's Just Swellow, May used Beautifly as her Pokémon in a PokéRinger competition. James, using Dustox, eventually defeated Beautifly, knocking May out of the competition.

In Hi Ho Silver Wind!, Beautify manages to get past the first appeal round of the Grand Festival by using the move Silver Wind only, a risky move that Harley had hoped would cause May to be knocked out of the competition. Later, in Rhapsody in Drew Beautifly teamed up with Bulbasaur in the first battle round against Harley's Cacturne and Banette. The duo showed off stunning combinations, such as with Silver Wind and Razor Leaf, and won the match.

Before heading off to the Kanto region and traveling through the Battle Frontier, May left her Beautifly at her home in Petalburg City. It returned temporarily in The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! , having learned Psychic. Along with Combusken, it battled Drew’s Roselia and Butterfree where they eventually lost.


It was seen again in A Full Course Tag Battle! when May came to Sinnoh for the Wallace Cup. Beautifly was used in the semi final battle, in Strategy with a Smile!, proving to still be very strong and talented, as it defeated Zoey's Glameow.

Personality and characteristics

As a Wurmple, it would gorge itself on food and then fall asleep, unlike Jessie's more sedate and well-behaved Wurmple. It was quite a lazy little Pokémon. When it evolved to both its latter stages, however, it became more calm and mellow. As a Beautifly, it often likes to sit atop May's head, and did the same for Ash when it and May came to Sinnoh.

Moves used

May Beautifly Aerial Ace.png
Using Aerial Ace
May Beautifly Tackle.png
Using Tackle
Move First Used In
String Shot All in a Day's Wurmple
Tackle Seeing is Believing!
Gust Seeing is Believing!
Silver Wind  Now That's Flower Power!
Morning Sun  Cruisin' for a Losin'
Psychic  The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!
Aerial Ace  Strategy with a Smile!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Razor Leaf-Silver Wind


  • Beautifly is May's only Pokémon whose base stage is not a Starter Pokémon in either the main series or the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.
  • Despite weighing over 62 pounds (over 28 kilograms), Beautifly has been seen landing on May and Ash's heads without any ill effects, similar to Ash and Hippopotas.
  • Beautifly is May's only Pokémon with an even gender ratio.

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