May's Munchlax

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May's Munchlax
ハルカのゴンベ Haruka's Gonbe
Poké Ball
May's Munchlax
Debuts in Berry Berry Interesting
Caught at Hoenn
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With May
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Munchlax Chie Satō Darren Dunstan (4Kids)
Billy Beach (PUSA)

May's Munchlax (Japanese: ハルカのゴンベ Haruka's Gonbe) was the fifth Pokémon caught by May during her travels through Hoenn, making her the first main character to catch a Generation IV Pokémon. Its voice actress in Japanese is 佐藤智恵 Chie Satō, and its English voice actors are Darren Dunstan (4Kids dub) and Billy Beach (Pokémon USA/TAJ Productions dub).

May caught Munchlax in the episode Berry Berry Interesting. Munchlax was the only Pokémon May could find that liked her custom PokéBlocks, May's Purple Surprise, ironically named in Japanese as Haruka's Delicious, so she was determined to catch it. After being accused of eating a group of children's PokéBlocks and berries, it eventually did after the real perpetrators, Team Rocket, were caught. May threw a Poké Ball while it was distracted, but Munchlax noticed and ate the Poké Ball; seconds later, the Poké Ball activated from inside Munchlax, and it was caught. In Less is Morrison, May invented May's Pink Surprise (Haruka's Delicious 2), by altering a recipe she got from Professor Oak, which when fed to Munchlax renders it bloated and satiated. It was the only one of May's Pokémon that wasn't used in her first Grand Festival.

File:AG160 155.jpeg
Munchlax using Tackle

In Sweet Baby James, Munchlax was breathing irregularly and refusing food. May worried about Munchlax until they found James's vacation home, where an old couple allowed to take in Munchlax and Chimecho. It slept next to Chimecho as it healed. Jessie and Meowth stole Munchlax and Mime Jr., plus some other Pokémon. However, the bag split and Munchlax (who was by now fully healed) and all of the other Pokémon were released. Munchlax continued to follow May on her journey.

Munchlax seemed to take a liking to Max, spending a lot of time with him. This may be a reference to Max not wanting to leave another Munchlax in Destiny Deoxys.

Munchlax also continued traveling with May when she left to compete in the contests in Johto, and stayed with her when she returned to Ash's group temporarily in DP076.

Moves used


  • Munchlax was the first Generation IV Pokémon to be caught by a main character.
  • Munchlax seemed to obtain a counterpart in Dawn's Swinub in DP084. Both are greedy and have a love for their region's Pokémon delicacy.
  • Munchlax usually learned a move after using Metronome, like Solarbeam and Focus Punch.

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