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Camerupt's known moves are {{m|Flamethrower}}, {{m|Eruption}}, and {{m|Overheat}} and its Ability is {{a|Magma Armor}}.}}
Camerupt's known moves are {{m|Flamethrower}}, {{m|Eruption}}, and {{m|Overheat}} and its Ability is {{a|Magma Armor}}.}}
|epname=VS. Walrein
|desc=Swellow was used as air transport. However, it was not used in any battle.
None of Swellow's moves are known.}}

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マツブサ Matsubusa
Ruby Sapphire Maxie.png
Art from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Magma Leader
Generation III
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Member of Team Magma
Rank Boss
Anime debut Gaining Groudon
English voice actor Marc Thompson
Japanese voice actor Keiji Fujiwara

Maxie (Japanese: マツブサ Matsubusa) is the head of Team Magma. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Magma Leader (Japanese: マグマだんリーダー Team Magma Leader).

In the games

Maxie is the head of Team Magma. In Pokémon Sapphire, Maxie helps the player against Team Aqua. He does not have an active role in the storyline and cannot be battled.

In Pokémon Ruby, he first appears in the Oceanic Museum in Slateport City, trying to steal the Devon Goods from Captain Stern. Later, Team Magma members steal a Meteorite from Professor Cozmo in Meteor Falls, and use it to try to cause Mt. Chimney to erupt. Then, after Courtney raids the Weather Institute, Maxie steals the Blue Orb from Mt. Pyre. Later, he and the Team Magma members turn up in Slateport again as Captain Stern announces a discovery he has made about a seafloor cavern. Team Magma promptly steals the Submarine Explorer 1 that Captain Stern has built and goes for the Seafloor Cavern to awaken Groudon.

In Pokémon Emerald, Maxie tries again to dry Mt. Chimney's lava pool via the meteorite from Meteor Falls, but this time he is looking for Groudon inside the volcano. After this first, unsuccessful attempt, Maxie sends Team Magma members to make a secret hideout inside the volcano, where he finally awakens Groudon using the Blue Orb stolen at Mt. Pyre. However he loses the control over the legendary Pokémon. Later Team Magma raids the Mossdeep Space Center, trying to use the rocket fuel to make Mt. Chimney erupt. The protagonist comes just in time to stop him, but as Tabitha is teaming up with Maxie, Steven is forced to team up with the player to stop Team Magma. When defeated a third time, Maxie sees the error of his ways, later disbanding Team Magma and attempting to stop Groudon and Kyogre's fight.


In the games he appears in, Maxie battles with the following Pokémon:

Pokémon Ruby

First battle

Second battle

Pokémon Emerald

First battle

Second battle

Third battle

Maxie battles alongside Tabitha during the attack on the Mossdeep Space Center.


Pokémon Ruby

Oceanic Museum

"I came to see what was taking so long to snatch some parts, and you simps are held up by a mere child? I am Team Magma's Maxie. Why on earth do you feel compelled to mess up Team Magma's plans? Pokémon, people, all life exists on land... That's why Team Magma is trying to expand the world's landmass. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Well, no matter... You're young. Your inability to understand our noble cause can't be helped... But, if you were to impede us ever again, you'll see no mercy from us! Keep that firmly in mind! Farewell!"

Mt. Chimney

"The power contained in the Meteorite... By amplifying its power with this machine, Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity will instantly intensify... Fufufu... The volcano will erupt, spewing lava that will cool and harden. It will expand the landmass..."
  • Before battle
"You again... Now listen. We humans have grown on dry land. The land is everything! Its importance is paramount! That is why we of Team Magma are committed to expanding the landmass. It will create space for new species of Pokémon to evolve. It will give us humans more space to advance. That is Team Magma's vision! I can't allow an ignorant child like you to get in our way. I, Maxie, will show you the consequences of meddling!"
  • When defeated
"What?! I, Maxie, was caught off guard?!"
  • After being defeated
"Ah, whatever. I will give up our plans for Mt. Chimney for the time being... But no one can ever stop us! Team Magma will prevail! Don't you ever forget that!"

Mt. Pyre

"Not you again... You've impeded our plans repeatedly, but this time you're too late. The Blue Orb that rested atop Mt. Pyre... I, Maxie, claim it as mine! Fufufu... Finally, I can realize my grand design... Come on, crew! It's Slateport next!"

Slateport Harbor

"Fwahahaha... I commiserate with you! All that effort you spent following me here all the way from Mt. Pyre. But now... No one can stop us! No one! Or, will you follow us back to our Hideout in Lilycove City? Fwahahahaha..."

Seafloor Cavern

"Hold it right there."
  • Before battle
"Fufufu... So it was you, after all. Behold! See how beautiful it is, the sleeping form of the ancient Pokémon Groudon! I have waited so long for this day to come... It surprises me, how you've managed to chase me here. But that's all over now. For the realization of my dream, you must disappear now!"
  • When defeated
"I... I lost again?"
  • After being defeated
"Fufufu... I commend you. I must recognize that you are truly gifted. But! I have this in my possession! With this Blue Orb, I can make Groudon..."
"What?! I didn't do anything. Why did the Blue Orb... Where did Groudon go?"
"Hm? It's a message from our members outside..."
"Yes, what is it? Hm... The sun is burning brightly? Good... That should have happened. That is why we awakened Groudon, to realize Team Magma's vision of expanding the world's landmass."
"What?! It's far hotter than we envisioned? It's so hot that it's dangerous? That can't be... That's just not possible... Hold your position and monitor the situation!"
"There's something wrong... The Blue Orb is supposed to awaken and control Groudon... But... Why? Why did Groudon disappear? Why?!"
"What are you saying? The Blue Orb should let me control Groudon... That can't be possible..."

Route 128

"What happened... What is this wretched scene... Did I...make a horrible mistake? I... I only wanted..."

Pokémon Sapphire

Meteor Falls

"And you are? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Fine, so you are <player>. I am Maxie. As the head of Team Magma, I have dedicated myself to thwarting the dangerous plans of Team Aqua. Why? Because Team Aqua is a grave threat to us all. They have committed many destructive acts in their bid to enlarge the sea. We, Team Magma, love dry land above all! Team Aqua is our sworn enemy!"
"Yes, yes, we must! We've got to hurry. There's no telling what Team Aqua will do at Mt. Chimney!"
"<player>, you should keep an eye out for Team Aqua, too. Farewell!"

Mt. Chimney

"Oh, <player>! Please, you must stop Team Aqua for me! They're trying to make this volcano inactive by using the stolen Meteorite's power!"
"<player>! Thank you! With your help, we thwarted Team Aqua's destructive plan! But... This victory doesn't mean the end of their evil plans. We will remain vigilant and keep up our pursuit of Team Aqua. <Player>, we shall meet again!"

Seafloor Cavern

"What have you wrought? Archie... You've finally awoken Kyogre, haven't you? What will happen to the world if this downpour continues for all eternity? The world's landmass will drown in the deepening sea..."
"We don't have the time to argue about it here! Get outside and see for yourself! See if what you've wrought is the world that you desired!"
"<Player>, come on, you have to get out of here, too!"

Route 128

"Do you understand now, Archie? Do you finally see how disastrous your dream turned out to be? We have to hurry! We have to do something before the situation goes completely out of control!"
"<Player>... We, Team Magma, had been pursuing Team Aqua to prevent this from happening. You've been very helpful, but I fear the worst has happened... It's gone too far for a child like you to manage... Leave things to us, and get out of here while you still can!"
"This defies belief... A super-ancient Pokémon... Its power is unbelievable. It has upset the balance of nature..."

Pokémon Emerald

Mt. Chimney

  • Before battle
"The power contained in the Meteorite... By amplifying its power with this machine, Mt. Chimney's volcanic activity will instantly intensify... Its energy will grow deep inside the crater and... Fufufu..."
"Hm? Who are you? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'd heard Archie bemoaning a child who's been meddling with Team Aqua's affairs. It must be you he meant. Humph! So you're thinking of interfering with us, Team Magma?"
"Now you listen. Long ago, living things used the land to live and grow. That is why land is all important! It is the cradle of all! That is why Team Magma is dedicated to the expansion of the land mass. It is for further advancement of humankind and Pokémon! And for that, we need the power of what sleeps within this mountain..."
"Oh! There was no need for you to learn that much. But, no matter! I'll teach you the consequences of meddling in our grand design!"
  • When defeated
"What?! I, Maxie, was caught off guard?"
  • After being defeated
"But, enough. I will back off this time. But don't think that this is the last you've seen of Team Magma. Fufufu... Even without the Meteorite, if we obtain the Orb... Fufufu...

Magma Hideout

  • Before battle
"Groudon... Nothing could awaken you from your sleep bathed in magma... This Blue Orb is what you sought. Wasn't it? I have brought you the Blue Orb. Let its shine awaken you! And show me... Show me the full extent of your power!"
"Groudon! What's wrong? Wasn't the Blue Orb the key? Groudon! Where have you gone..."
"Oh, so it was you? I've seen you poking around uninvited here and there... I get it now! You must have pulled a cheap stunt!"
  • When defeated
"What makes you so adept at handling Pokémon?"
  • After being defeated
"There has to be some reason why Groudon fled... That's what you're trying to say, aren't you? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Humph... You think I didn't know that? With Groudon gone, there is no longer any need for this blasted volcano. I am going after Groudon, so this is where we part!"

Mossdeep Space Center

  • Before battle
"Fufufu... Since you're so curious, you deserve an explanation. We're going to jettison the entire load into Mt. Chimney! With Groudon gone, we have no need for that slag heap of a mountain! So we'll use the fuel's power to make the volcano erupt! It will be savage!"
  • When defeated
"All I want... I just want to expand the land mass..."
  • After being defeated
"We failed to make the volcano erupt... We failed to control Groudon after we had awoken it... Is our goal to expand the land misguided? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... If... If we, Team Magma, are wrong... ... ... ... ... ... Then might Team Aqua's goal to expand the sea also be equally misguided?"
"All right... We will give up on the fuel... There appear to be more important matters that I must examine..."

Seafloor Cavern

"What have you wrought? Archie... You've finally awoken Kyogre, haven't you? What will happen to the world if this downpour continues for all eternity? The world's landmass will drown in the deepening sea..."
"We don't have the time to argue about it here! Get outside and see for yourself! See if what you've wrought is the world that we desired!"
"<Player>, come on, you have to get out of here, too!"

Route 128

"Do you understand now, Archie? Do you finally see how disastrous your dream turned out to be? We have to hurry! We have to do something before the situation goes completely out of control!"
"<Player>, don't say anything. I know that I have no right to be critical of Archie... But the way things are now, I doubt that we humans will be capable of doing anything about it. But neither can we stand by and just watch helplessly. The responsibility of putting an end to this falls between Archie and me..."
"This defies belief... Those super-ancient Pokémon... Their power is unbelievable. They have upset the balance of nature..."

Sootopolis City

"G... Groudon... Please! Stop what you're doing! I know the extent of your power now! If you keep going, all Hoenn, not just Sootopolis, will be utterly ruined!"
  • After Rayquaza stops the fight between Kyogre and Groudon
"So the super-ancient Pokémon weren't only Groudon and Kyogre... After all our frantic scheming and fruitless efforts, that one Pokémon's simple action puts everything right again as if nothing had happened... Fu... Fuhahaha..."

Mt. Pyre



Spr RS Maxie.png Maxie OD.png
Maxie's sprite from
Ruby and Emerald
Maxie's overworld sprite from
Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

In the anime

Maxie and the Blue Orb.

Maxie appeared in Gaining Groudon and The Scuffle of Legends. Maxie's goal was to expand the land of Hoenn believing that if so, the land would be peaceful.

But at the end of the latter episode, Maxie realized the errors of his ways and finally changed his beliefs, now believing that the land of Hoenn is supposed to be kept as is.



Maxie's Kyogre
Kyogre was first seen in the containment chamber of Team Magma's ship. Aqua Admin Shelly sets it free by increasing the humidity levels in the chamber so it could revive itself. She successfully does so causing Kyogre to break free from the ship. It is seen with Team Aqua afterwards. In its next appearance, Kyogre is seen fighting with Groudon and later lost to it, thus causing the orbs in Archie and Pikachu to separate. Kyogre was able to rescue Ash and Pikachu after the battle was done. In the end, it returns to its hidden location at the bottom of the sea.

Kyogre's known moves are Hyper Beam and Hydro Pump, and its Ability is Drizzle.

Debut Gaining Groudon

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 藤原啓治 Keiji Fujiwara
English Marc Thompson
Brazilian Portuguese Márcio Marconato
Spanish Latin America Jorge Ornelas
Spain José Antonio Ceinos

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Maxie in Pokémon Adventures

Maxie does not have any fixed headquarters and moves his locations from cave to cave across Hoenn, ruling Team Magma like a barbarian gang, also making them more elusive. Because of this, Team Magma was able to steal the Scanner from the Abandoned Ship and both the Red and Blue Orbs before Team Aqua knew about them. However, the latter was stolen by Amber's Volbeat for Archie, who proceeded to trap him and Tabitha together in the submarine, nearly killing them.

Maxie and Archie remained deep inside the Seafloor Cavern and fought Ruby and Sapphire both. When the two young Trainers were getting the upper hand, the two evil leaders were possessed by the powers of the respective orbs and dragged them to Sootopolis City, where Groudon and Kyogre promptly arrived to settle the score.

After Rayquaza halted the fight between Groudon and Kyogre, Maxie and Archie went insane and attempted to destroy everyone who had interfered in their plan: the Elite Four, the Gym Leaders, the Regis, even their own members. It was Maxie's Houndoom that burned Norman with its flames.

Archie later indicated in the Emerald chapter that Maxie died during their fight for Sird's armor and sword.


The following are Maxie's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

Maxie's Houndoom
Houndoom (×5)
Maxie is seen with five Houndoom. They were trying to buy time for the bad guys to escape but their plans were thwarted. One of then tried to burn Norman.

Houndoom's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut The Final Showdown V
Maxie's Camerupt
Camerupt is Maxie's main Pokémon. It along with Archie's Walrein was used to fight Ruby's Mumu and Sapphire's Chic. However, Camerupt and Walrein were defeated due to the starter Pokémon's strategies.

Camerupt's known moves are Flamethrower, Eruption, and Overheat and its Ability is Magma Armor.

Debut VS. Torkoal
Swellow was used as air transport. However, it was not used in any battle.

None of Swellow's moves are known.

Debut VS. Walrein
Maxie's Groudon
Maxie used the Red Orb to control Groudon. However, he lost control of it when the Red Orb was lost.

Groudon's known moves are Dig, Rock Slide, Thunder and Hyper Beam, and its Ability is Drought.

Debut The Final Showdown V
Maxie's Kyogre
Maxie used the Blue Orb to control Kyogre. However, he lost control of it along with the Blue Orb.

Kyogre's known moves are Hydro Pump, Calm Mind and Hyper Beam, and its Ability is Drizzle.

Debut The Final Showdown V

In the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga

Maxie in Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire

Maxie appears as the lead of Team Magma in the Pokémon Ruby-Sapphire manga. He, along with the rest of Team Magma, make their first appearance in We've Found Team Magma's Secret!!.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Maxie or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Maxie T [Su] EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Uncommon 73/95 Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions Rare 74/80



Language Name Origin
Japanese マツブサ Matsubusa From 松房 matsubusa (Schisandra nigra) and magma.
English Maxie From magma.
French, Italian Max From magma.
German Marc From magma.
Spanish Magno From magma.
Korean 마적 Majeok From 마그마 magma and 적 (赤) jeok, red.
Chinese (Mandarin) 赤焰松 Chìyànsōng From 赤 chì (red), 焰 yàn (flame), 松 sōng (pine), and 松房 matsubasa.

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