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==List of Max Moves==
==List of Max Moves==
{{Incomplete|section|needs=missing images, prerelease images}}
{{Incomplete|section|needs=remove prerelease images}}
{| class="roundtable sortable" style="margin:auto; background-color:#ccf; border:1px solid #ddf;"
{| class="roundtable sortable" style="margin:auto; background-color:#ccf; border:1px solid #ddf;"
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|Increases the {{stat|Attack}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|Increases the {{stat|Attack}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|[[File:SwSh Prerelease Max Knuckle.png|200px]]
|[[File:Max Knuckle VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Airstream}}
| {{m|Max Airstream}}
|Increases the {{stat|Speed}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|Increases the {{stat|Speed}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|[[File:Max Airstream VIII.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Ooze}}
| {{m|Max Ooze}}
|Increases the {{stat|Special Attack}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|Increases the {{stat|Special Attack}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|[[File:Max Ooze VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Quake}}
| {{m|Max Quake}}
|Increases the {{stat|Special Defense}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|Increases the {{stat|Special Defense}} of the user and its allies by one stage
|[[File:Max Quake VIII.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Rockfall}}
| {{m|Max Rockfall}}
|Creates a {{weather|sandstorm}} for five turns.
|Creates a {{weather|sandstorm}} for five turns.
|[[File:SwSh Prerelease Max Rockfall.png|200px]]
|[[File:Max Rockfall VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Flutterby}}
| {{m|Max Flutterby}}
|Decreases the {{stat|Special Attack}} of the target by one stage
|Decreases the {{stat|Special Attack}} of the target by one stage
|[[File:Max Flutterby VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Phantasm}}
| {{m|Max Phantasm}}
|Decreases the {{stat|Defense}} of the target by one stage
|Decreases the {{stat|Defense}} of the target by one stage
|[[File:SwSh Prerelease Ghost Max Move.png|200px]]
|[[File:Max Phantasm VIII.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Steelspike}}
| {{m|Max Steelspike}}
Line 75: Line 75:
|Creates {{m|Grassy Terrain}} for five turns.
|Creates {{m|Grassy Terrain}} for five turns.
|[[File:SwSh Prerelease Max Overgrowth.png|200px]]
|[[File:Max Overgrowth VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Lightning}}
| {{m|Max Lightning}}
Line 85: Line 85:
|Creates {{m|Psychic Terrain}} for five turns.
|Creates {{m|Psychic Terrain}} for five turns.
|[[File:Max Mindstorm VIII.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Hailstorm}}
| {{m|Max Hailstorm}}
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|Decreases the {{stat|Attack}} of the target by one stage
|Decreases the {{stat|Attack}} of the target by one stage
|[[File:Max Wyrmwind VIII 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Darkness}}
| {{m|Max Darkness}}
Line 105: Line 105:
|Creates {{m|Misty Terrain}} for five turns.
|Creates {{m|Misty Terrain}} for five turns.
|[[File:Max Starfall VIII.png|200px]]
| {{m|Max Guard}}
| {{m|Max Guard}}
|Protects from all moves, including Max Moves
|Protects from all moves, including Max Moves
|[[File:SwSh Prerelease Max Guard.png|200px]]
|[[File:Max Guard VIII.png|200px]]

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A Max Move (Japanese: ダイマックスわざ Daimax Move) is a special type of move introduced in Generation VIII. While Dynamaxed, all of a Dynamax Pokémon's moves are replaced by their corresponding Max Moves. Max Moves are often more powerful than regular moves and all have secondary effects.


Similar to Z-Moves, the type, damage category and base power of Max Moves that a Dynamax Pokémon knows depend on the moves it knew before Dynamaxing. The exception to this are status moves, which instead all become the Normal-type Max Guard. If the base move's type is changed either by a move or Ability (e.g. Pixilate, Electrify, or Weather Ball), then the Max Move will also be converted to that of the new type with the same power. However, the move selection screen will still display the Max Move of the original type; for instance, if a Fighting-type Silvally knows Multi-Attack, the Max Move will still display as Max Strike, but when executed it becomes Max Knuckle.

Damaging Max Moves and their secondary effects cannot be fully protected against by protection moves (such as Protect and Spiky Shield), except by the Max Move Max Guard. Secondary effects of Max Moves may also affect targets and their allies behind a Substitute. Max Moves also never miss, unless the target is semi-invulnerable.

For Gigantamax Pokémon, damaging moves of a certain type become its exclusive G-Max Move instead of the normal corresponding Max Move; the type of moves affected depends on the Gigantamax Pokémon's species. Eternamax Eternatus can also use Max Moves, but this form cannot be obtained by the player.

List of Max Moves

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Max Move Type Additional effect Image
Max Strike Normal Decreases the Speed of the target by one stage SwSh Prerelease Max Strike.png
Max Knuckle Fighting Increases the Attack of the user and its allies by one stage Max Knuckle VIII 2.png
Max Airstream Flying Increases the Speed of the user and its allies by one stage Max Airstream VIII.png
Max Ooze Poison Increases the Special Attack of the user and its allies by one stage Max Ooze VIII 2.png
Max Quake Ground Increases the Special Defense of the user and its allies by one stage Max Quake VIII.png
Max Rockfall Rock Creates a sandstorm for five turns. Max Rockfall VIII 2.png
Max Flutterby Bug Decreases the Special Attack of the target by one stage Max Flutterby VIII 2.png
Max Phantasm Ghost Decreases the Defense of the target by one stage Max Phantasm VIII.png
Max Steelspike Steel Increases the Defense of the user and its allies by one stage Max Steelspike VIII.png
Max Flare Fire Creates harsh sunlight for five turns. SwSh Prerelease Max Flare.png
Max Geyser Water Creates rain for five turns. Max Geyser VIII.png
Max Overgrowth Grass Creates Grassy Terrain for five turns. Max Overgrowth VIII 2.png
Max Lightning Electric Creates Electric Terrain for five turns. SwSh Prerelease Max Lightning.png
Max Mindstorm Psychic Creates Psychic Terrain for five turns. Max Mindstorm VIII.png
Max Hailstorm Ice Creates hail for five turns. SwSh Prerelease Ice Max Move.png
Max Wyrmwind Dragon Decreases the Attack of the target by one stage Max Wyrmwind VIII 2.png
Max Darkness Dark Decreases the Special Defense of the target by one stage Max Darkness VIII.png
Max Starfall Fairy Creates Misty Terrain for five turns. Max Starfall VIII.png
Max Guard Normal Protects from all moves, including Max Moves Max Guard VIII.png


The following table shows the power of a Max Move based on its respective base move. The same power values are also used for G-Max Moves.

Base move Type Cat. Max Pwr.
Absorb Grass Special 90
Accelerock Rock Physical 90
Acid Poison Special 70
Acid Spray Poison Special 70
Acrobatics Flying Physical 110
Aerial Ace Flying Physical 110
Aeroblast Flying Special 130
Air Cutter Flying Special 110
Air Slash Flying Special 130
Anchor Shot Steel Physical 130
Ancient Power Rock Special 110
Apple Acid Grass Special 130
Aqua Jet Water Physical 90
Aqua Tail Water Physical 130
Arm Thrust Fighting Physical 70
Assurance Dark Physical 110
Astonish Ghost Physical 90
Attack Order Bug Physical 130
Aura Sphere Fighting Special 90
Aura Wheel Electric Physical 140
Aurora Beam Ice Special 120
Avalanche Ice Physical 110
Beak Blast Flying Physical 130
Beat Up Dark Physical 100
Behemoth Bash Steel Physical 130
Behemoth Blade Steel Physical 130
Belch Poison Special 95
Bind Normal Physical 90
Bite Dark Physical 110
Blast Burn Fire Special 150
Blaze Kick Fire Physical 130
Blizzard Ice Special 140
Blue Flare Fire Special 140
Body Press Fighting Physical 90
Body Slam Normal Physical 130
Bolt Beak Electric Physical 130
Bolt Strike Electric Physical 140
Bone Rush Ground Physical 130
Bonemerang Ground Physical 130
Boomburst Normal Special 140
Bounce Flying Physical 130
Branch Poke Grass Physical 90
Brave Bird Flying Physical 140
Breaking Swipe Dragon Physical 110
Brick Break Fighting Physical 90
Brine Water Special 120
Brutal Swing Dark Physical 110
Bubble Beam Water Special 120
Bug Bite Bug Physical 110
Bug Buzz Bug Special 130
Bulldoze Ground Physical 110
Bullet Punch Steel Physical 90
Bullet Seed Grass Physical 130
Burn Up Fire Special 140
Charge Beam Electric Special 100
Chatter Flying Special 120
Circle Throw Fighting Physical 80
Clanging Scales Dragon Special 140
Clear Smog Poison Special 75
Close Combat Fighting Physical 95
Confusion Psychic Special 100
Core Enforcer Dragon Special 130
Counter Fighting Physical 75
Covet Normal Physical 110
Crabhammer Water Physical 130
Cross Chop Fighting Physical 90
Cross Poison Poison Physical 85
Crunch Dark Physical 130
Crush Claw Normal Physical 130
Crush Grip Normal Physical 140
Cut Normal Physical 100
Dark Pulse Dark Special 130
Darkest Lariat Dark Physical 130
Dazzling Gleam Fairy Special 130
Diamond Storm Rock Physical 130
Dig Ground Physical 130
Disarming Voice Fairy Special 90
Discharge Electric Special 130
Dive Water Physical 130
Doom Desire Steel Special 140
Double Hit Normal Physical 120
Double Iron Bash Steel Physical 140
Double Kick Fighting Physical 80
Double-Edge Normal Physical 140
Draco Meteor Dragon Special 140
Dragon Ascent Flying Physical 140
Dragon Breath Dragon Special 110
Dragon Claw Dragon Physical 130
Dragon Darts Dragon Physical 130
Dragon Hammer Dragon Physical 130
Dragon Pulse Dragon Special 130
Dragon Rush Dragon Physical 130
Dragon Tail Dragon Physical 110
Drain Punch Fighting Physical 90
Draining Kiss Fairy Special 100
Dream Eater Psychic Special 130
Drill Peck Flying Physical 130
Drill Run Ground Physical 130
Drum Beating Grass Physical 130
Dual Chop Dragon Physical 130
Dynamax Cannon Dragon Special 140
Dynamic Punch Fighting Physical 90
Earth Power Ground Special 130
Earthquake Ground Physical 130
Echoed Voice Normal Special 90
Electro Ball Electric Special 130
Electroweb Electric Special 110
Ember Fire Special 90
Endeavor Normal Physical 130
Energy Ball Grass Special 130
Eruption Fire Special 150
Eternabeam Dragon Special 150
Explosion Normal Physical 150
Extrasensory Psychic Special 130
Extreme Speed Normal Physical 130
Facade Normal Physical 120
Fairy Wind Fairy Special 90
Fake Out Normal Physical 90
False Surrender Dark Physical 130
False Swipe Normal Physical 90
Feint Normal Physical 90
Fell Stinger Bug Physical 100
Fiery Dance Fire Special 130
Final Gambit Fighting Special 100
Fire Blast Fire Special 140
Fire Fang Fire Physical 120
Fire Lash Fire Physical 130
Fire Pledge Fire Special 130
Fire Punch Fire Physical 130
Fire Spin Fire Special 90
First Impression Bug Physical 130
Fishious Rend Water Physical 130
Fissure Ground Physical 130
Flail Normal Physical 130
Flame Charge Fire Physical 100
Flame Wheel Fire Physical 110
Flamethrower Fire Special 130
Flare Blitz Fire Physical 140
Flash Cannon Steel Special 130
Fleur Cannon Fairy Special 140
Fling Dark Physical 100
Fly Flying Physical 130
Flying Press Fighting Physical 90
Focus Blast Fighting Special 95
Focus Punch Fighting Physical 100
Force Palm Fighting Physical 80
Foul Play Dark Physical 130
Freeze Shock Ice Physical 140
Freeze-Dry Ice Special 120
Frenzy Plant Grass Special 150
Frost Breath Ice Special 110
Fury Attack Normal Physical 90
Fury Cutter Bug Physical 90
Fury Swipes Normal Physical 100
Fusion Bolt Electric Physical 130
Fusion Flare Fire Special 130
Future Sight Psychic Special 140
Gear Grind Steel Physical 130
Giga Drain Grass Special 130
Giga Impact Normal Physical 150
Glaciate Ice Special 120
Grass Knot Grass Special 130
Grass Pledge Grass Special 130
Grav Apple Grass Physical 130
Guillotine Normal Physical 130
Gunk Shot Poison Physical 95
Gust Flying Special 90
Gyro Ball Steel Physical 130
Hammer Arm Fighting Physical 90
Head Charge Normal Physical 140
Head Smash Rock Physical 150
Headbutt Normal Physical 120
Heat Crash Fire Physical 130
Heat Wave Fire Special 130
Heavy Slam Steel Physical 130
Hex Ghost Special 120
High Horsepower Ground Physical 130
High Jump Kick Fighting Physical 95
Hold Back Normal Physical 90
Horn Attack Normal Physical 120
Horn Drill Normal Physical 130
Horn Leech Grass Physical 130
Hurricane Flying Special 140
Hydro Cannon Water Special 150
Hydro Pump Water Special 140
Hyper Beam Normal Special 150
Hyper Fang Normal Physical 130
Hyper Voice Normal Special 130
Hyperspace Fury Dark Physical 130
Hyperspace Hole Psychic Special 130
Ice Beam Ice Special 130
Ice Burn Ice Special 140
Ice Fang Ice Physical 120
Ice Hammer Ice Physical 130
Ice Punch Ice Physical 130
Ice Shard Ice Physical 90
Icicle Crash Ice Physical 130
Icicle Spear Ice Physical 130
Icy Wind Ice Special 110
Incinerate Fire Special 110
Inferno Fire Special 130
Infestation Bug Special 90
Iron Head Steel Physical 130
Iron Tail Steel Physical 130
Jaw Lock Dark Physical 130
Judgment Normal Special 130
Knock Off Dark Physical 120
Land's Wrath Ground Physical 130
Last Resort Normal Physical 140
Lava Plume Fire Special 130
Leaf Blade Grass Physical 130
Leaf Storm Grass Special 140
Leaf Tornado Grass Special 120
Leafage Grass Physical 90
Leech Life Bug Physical 130
Lick Ghost Physical 90
Light of Ruin Fairy Special 140
Liquidation Water Physical 130
Low Kick Fighting Physical 100
Low Sweep Fighting Physical 85
Lunge Bug Physical 130
Luster Purge Psychic Special 120
Mach Punch Fighting Physical 70
Magical Leaf Grass Special 110
Magma Storm Fire Special 130
Mega Drain Grass Special 90
Mega Kick Normal Physical 140
Mega Punch Normal Physical 130
Megahorn Bug Physical 140
Metal Burst Steel Physical 100
Metal Claw Steel Physical 100
Meteor Assault Fighting Physical 100
Meteor Mash Steel Physical 130
Mind Blown Fire Special 150
Mirror Coat Psychic Special 100
Mist Ball Psychic Special 120
Moonblast Fairy Special 130
Moongeist Beam Ghost Special 130
Mud Shot Ground Special 110
Mud-Slap Ground Special 90
Muddy Water Water Special 130
Multi-Attack Normal Physical 95
Mystical Fire Fire Special 130
Nature's Madness Fairy Special 100
Night Daze Dark Special 130
Night Shade Ghost Special 100
Night Slash Dark Physical 120
Nuzzle Electric Physical 90
Oblivion Wing Flying Special 130
Octazooka Water Special 120
Origin Pulse Water Special 140
Outrage Dragon Physical 140
Overdrive Electric Special 130
Overheat Fire Special 140
Parabolic Charge Electric Special 120
Pay Day Normal Physical 90
Payback Dark Physical 100
Peck Flying Physical 90
Petal Blizzard Grass Physical 130
Petal Dance Grass Special 140
Phantom Force Ghost Physical 130
Photon Geyser Psychic Special 130
Pin Missile Bug Physical 130
Plasma Fists Electric Physical 130
Play Rough Fairy Physical 130
Pluck Flying Physical 110
Poison Fang Poison Physical 75
Poison Jab Poison Physical 90
Poison Sting Poison Physical 70
Poison Tail Poison Physical 75
Pollen Puff Bug Special 130
Pound Normal Physical 90
Powder Snow Ice Special 90
Power Gem Rock Special 130
Power Trip Dark Physical 130
Power Whip Grass Physical 140
Power-Up Punch Fighting Physical 70
Precipice Blades Ground Physical 140
Present Normal Physical 100
Prismatic Laser Psychic Special 150
Psybeam Psychic Special 120
Psychic Psychic Special 130
Psychic Fangs Psychic Physical 130
Psycho Boost Psychic Special 140
Psycho Cut Psychic Physical 120
Psyshock Psychic Special 130
Psystrike Psychic Special 130
Pyro Ball Fire Physical 140
Quick Attack Normal Physical 90
Rapid Spin Normal Physical 100
Razor Leaf Grass Physical 110
Razor Shell Water Physical 130
Relic Song Normal Special 130
Retaliate Normal Physical 120
Revelation Dance Normal Special 130
Revenge Fighting Physical 80
Reversal Fighting Physical 100
Roar of Time Dragon Special 150
Rock Blast Rock Physical 130
Rock Slide Rock Physical 130
Rock Smash Fighting Physical 70
Rock Throw Rock Physical 100
Rock Tomb Rock Physical 110
Rock Wrecker Rock Physical 150
Rollout Rock Physical 90
Round Normal Special 110
Sacred Fire Fire Physical 130
Sacred Sword Fighting Physical 90
Sand Tomb Ground Physical 90
Scald Water Special 130
Scratch Normal Physical 90
Searing Shot Fire Special 130
Secret Sword Fighting Special 90
Seed Bomb Grass Physical 130
Seed Flare Grass Special 140
Seismic Toss Fighting Physical 75
Self-Destruct Normal Physical 150
Shadow Ball Ghost Special 130
Shadow Bone Ghost Physical 130
Shadow Claw Ghost Physical 120
Shadow Force Ghost Physical 140
Shadow Punch Ghost Physical 110
Shadow Sneak Ghost Physical 90
Sheer Cold Ice Special 130
Shell Trap Fire Special 150
Shock Wave Electric Special 110
Skull Bash Normal Physical 140
Sky Attack Flying Physical 140
Slam Normal Physical 130
Slash Normal Physical 120
Sludge Poison Special 85
Sludge Bomb Poison Special 90
Sludge Wave Poison Special 90
Smack Down Rock Physical 100
Smart Strike Steel Physical 120
Smog Poison Special 70
Snap Trap Grass Physical 90
Snarl Dark Special 110
Snipe Shot Water Special 130
Snore Normal Special 100
Solar Beam Grass Special 140
Solar Blade Grass Physical 140
Spacial Rend Dragon Special 130
Spark Electric Physical 120
Sparkling Aria Water Special 130
Spectral Thief Ghost Physical 130
Spirit Break Fairy Physical 130
Spirit Shackle Ghost Physical 130
Spit Up Normal Special 100
Steam Eruption Water Special 140
Steel Beam Steel Special 140
Steel Wing Steel Physical 120
Stomp Normal Physical 120
Stomping Tantrum Ground Physical 130
Stone Edge Rock Physical 130
Stored Power Psychic Special 130
Storm Throw Fighting Physical 80
Strange Steam Fairy Special 130
Strength Normal Physical 130
Struggle Normal Physical 1
Struggle Bug Bug Special 100
Submission Fighting Physical 90
Sucker Punch Dark Physical 120
Sunsteel Strike Steel Physical 130
Super Fang Normal Physical 100
Superpower Fighting Physical 95
Surf Water Special 130
Swift Normal Special 110
Tackle Normal Physical 90
Tail Slap Normal Physical 130
Take Down Normal Physical 130
Techno Blast Normal Special 140
Thief Dark Physical 110
Thousand Arrows Ground Physical 130
Thousand Waves Ground Physical 130
Thrash Normal Physical 140
Throat Chop Dark Physical 130
Thunder Electric Special 140
Thunder Fang Electric Physical 120
Thunder Punch Electric Physical 130
Thunder Shock Electric Special 90
Thunderbolt Electric Special 130
Tri Attack Normal Special 130
Triple Kick Fighting Physical 80
Trop Kick Grass Physical 120
Twister Dragon Special 90
U-turn Bug Physical 120
Uproar Normal Special 130
V-create Fire Physical 150
Vacuum Wave Fighting Special 70
Venoshock Poison Special 85
Vine Whip Grass Physical 100
Vise Grip Normal Physical 110
Vital Throw Fighting Physical 85
Volt Switch Electric Special 120
Volt Tackle Electric Physical 140
Water Gun Water Special 90
Water Pledge Water Special 130
Water Pulse Water Special 110
Water Shuriken Water Special 90
Water Spout Water Special 150
Waterfall Water Physical 130
Weather Ball Normal Special 130
Whirlpool Water Special 90
Wild Charge Electric Physical 130
Wing Attack Flying Physical 110
Wood Hammer Grass Physical 140
Wrap Normal Physical 90
X-Scissor Bug Physical 130
Zap Cannon Electric Special 140
Zen Headbutt Psychic Physical 130
Zing Zap Electric Physical 130

In the anime

Max Moves were first featured in the anime in the Pokémon World Championships finals match between Lance and Leon in SS012.

List of Max Moves used in the anime

Pokémon Max Move Image Debut
Gyarados Lance's Gyarados Max Geyser Lance Gyarados Max Geyser.png SS012
Charizard Leon's Charizard Max Lightning Leon Charizard Max Lightning 1.png
Leon Charizard Max Lightning 2.png
Gyarados Lance's Gyarados Max Strike Lance Gyarados Max Strike 1.png
Lance Gyarados Max Strike 2.png
Charizard Leon's Charizard Max Airstream Leon Charizard Max Airstream.png SS012
Gyarados Lance's Gyarados Max Guard Lance Gyarados Max Guard.png SS012
Pikachu Ash's Pikachu Max Steelspike Ash Pikachu Max Steelspike.png SS013
Drednaw Drednaw Max Rockfall Gigantamax Drednaw Max Rockfall.png SS013
Pikachu Ash's Pikachu Max Strike Ash Pikachu Max Strike.png SS013

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 極巨招式 Gihkgeuih Jīusīk
Mandarin 極巨招式 / 极巨招式 Jíjù Zhāoshì
France Flag.png French Capacité Dynamax
Germany Flag.png German Dynamax-Attacke
Italy Flag.png Italian Mossa Dynamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 다이맥스기술 Daimax Gisul
Russia Flag.png Russian Максимальные атака Maksimal'nyye ataka
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Dinamax

Max Moves
Max StrikeMax KnuckleMax AirstreamMax OozeMax Quake
Max RockfallMax FlutterbyMax PhantasmMax Steelspike
Max FlareMax GeyserMax OvergrowthMax LightningMax Mindstorm
Max HailstormMax WyrmwindMax DarknessMax StarfallMax Guard
G-Max Moves
G-Max WildfireG-Max BefuddleG-Max Volt CrashG-Max Gold Rush
G-Max Chi StrikeG-Max TerrorG-Max Foam BurstG-Max Resonance
G-Max CuddleG-Max ReplenishG-Max MalodorG-Max Meltdown
G-Max Drum SoloG-Max FireballG-Max HydrosnipeG-Max Wind Rage
G-Max GravitasG-Max StonesurgeG-Max VolcalithG-Max Tartness
G-Max SweetnessG-Max SandblastG-Max Stun ShockG-Max Centiferno
G-Max SmiteG-Max SnoozeG-Max FinaleG-Max SteelsurgeG-Max Depletion

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