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Matrix Energy is the nickname given to the Holofoil Basic Energy cards that have debuted in the English Pokémon Trading Card Game expansions.

This design was first introduced in the Japanese set ADV EX1: Magma vs Aqua: Two Ambitions; however, the "Matrix Energy" did not appear in the English versions until the release of EX Emerald.

There are three known Matrix designs of the Basic Energy cards:

  • EX Emerald - The Energy symbol is surrounded in darkness with spots of light illuminating sections of it.
  • EX Holon Phantoms - The Energy symbol is illuminated by a series of lightning bolt graphics.
  • EX Power Keepers - A new redesigned Energy that replaced the classic ADV Energy cards. It has a cartoony look with lots of dots all in the same color variety.
  • League promo version - These were only obtainable during League sessions.

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