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マサトシ Masatoshi
Masatoshi GDZ.png
Gender Male
Hometown Unnamed
Region Kanto

Masatoshi (Japanese: マサトシ Masatoshi) is a character who appears in the Pokémon Get da ze! manga. He is one of Shū's many rivals. He has a Meowth that he can communicate with using a special "Cat Cap", much like Shū can communicate with Pikachu using the In-Com.


File:Translation device.jpg
Masatoshi wearing the Cat Cap

Shū meets Masatoshi for the first time in Gag Battles. As Shū and Pikachu are traveling in a forested area, they come across a Meowth playing the shamisen, a Japanese stringed instrument. When Meowth finishes its performance, Masatoshi appears, introducing himself as Meowth's Trainer. He then demands that Shū pay him money for enjoying the performance. When Shū refuses, he starts physically attacking Shū. He then goes on about how many Trainers favor Pikachu and how nobody wants to understand him and his Meowth.

Masatoshi then reveals that he has a "Cat Cap", a device worn on his head that allows him to communicate with his Meowth. After putting on the Cat Cap, he commands Meowth to use Pay Day, which causes Shū's money to fall to the ground. When Shū commands Pikachu to fight back with Thunderbolt, Masatoshi jumps in the way, taking the hit for Meowth. Meowth and Pikachu continue to battle as Masatoshi and Shū argue, with Shū insulting Pikachu, calling it a weak Pokémon. Shū, angry at Masatoshi calling his Pokémon weak, commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt again, shocking both Masatoshi and Meowth. Masatoshi accepts his defeat and offers to teach Shū a few of his own practical jokes, much to Shū's discomfort.


Masatoshi's Meowth
Meowth is Masatoshi's main Pokémon. It is talented at playing the shamisen, a Japanese stringed instrument. When Masatoshi tries to charge Shū money for Meowth's performance, it uses Pay Day when Shū refuses to pay up.

Masatoshi communicates with his Meowth using his "Cat Cap", a device similar to Shū's In-Com.

Meowth's only known move is Pay Day.

Debut Gag Battles

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