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If you were looking for the anime character whose Japanese name is Masamune, see Morrison.
マサムネ Masamune
Date Masamune.png
Artwork with Braviary
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Kingdom Avia
Specialty Flying
Default Pokémon Scyther

Masamune (Japanese: マサムネ) is a Warlord in Pokémon Conquest.

In the games

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In The Legend of Ransei, Masamune is one of Nobunaga's Warlords. He claims joining with Nobunaga will put him in the army that will eventually unite Ransei, but his own goal is to unite Ransei himself.

Warlord information

Rank I

Conquest Masamune I.png Power 86
Wisdom 82
Charisma 80
Total 248
Warrior Skill Bustle
Capacity 7
Perfect Links
Rufflet Rufflet

Rank II

Conquest Masamune II.png Power 96
Wisdom 92
Charisma 90
Total 278
Warrior Skill One-Eyed Dragon
Capacity 8
Perfect Links
Rufflet Rufflet Braviary Braviary
  • Transforms to Rank II by reaching a 60% link with Rufflet or Braviary in The Dragon's Dream.

Default Pokémon

The Legend of Ransei Unite Ransei stories Collect 100 Pokémon stories Defeat Nobunaga stories


  • Start of turn:
    • With low health:
"Stand your ground!"
  • Otherwise:
"I'll take care of this!"
  • Start of battle:
    • When attacking a castle:
"There's no stopping me now!"
  • When defending a castle:
"They don't know what they're doing."
  • During battle:
  • When ordering to attack:
"It's <attack name> time!"
  • When ordering to invade a kingdom:
"Let me tell you something... if I'm on your side, victory is guaranteed!"
  • Upon forming a link:
"Come with me, <Pokémon>!"
  • When using an item:
"This'll settle things!"
  • After winning a battle:
"And with this... <kingdom> falls into my hands!"
  • After losing a battle:
    • If recruitable:
"It seems I may have underestimated you."
  • Otherwise:
"Hmph... Celebrate all you want... I will have my revenge!"
  • When being recruited:
"Masamune is at your service!"


Earnest and cheerful, with soaring ambitions that he refuses to let anyone dampen.

Historical origin

Masamune is based on the real-life Date Masamune of Japanese history. Yoshi was his mother and Iroha was his daughter. Kagetsuna, Tsunamoto, and Shigezane were three of his most faithful retainers, the latter also his cousin. Munetoki and Tsunenaga were also retainers. Munezane served both Masamune's father (Date Terumune, who is not in the game) and Shigezane.


  • His Warrior Skill (One-Eyed) and the title of his story (The Dragon's Dream) come from his historical nickname: the One-eyed Dragon (独眼竜).

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