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If you were looking for the member of Club Look-See, see Club Look-See.

Martha (Japanese: マーサ Martha) is a character of the day who appeared in Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!. She was Iris's dorm adviser in Opelucid City's Academy when Iris was young.

When Iris returned to Opelucid City to battle Drayden, Martha was present when Iris climbed the big tower in Opelucid City and got in trouble with Officer Jenny. Happy to see Iris again, Martha took everyone over to the Opelucid Academy to have lunch before Iris's battle. She commented on how Iris was the most troublesome student the academy ever had but she enjoyed Iris's stay anyway. As Iris failed to make friends at the Academy, Martha always cheered her up by making Iris's favorite dish, consisting of Oran and Pecha berries.

Martha then took everyone to Iris's old dorm room which was currently empty and still had the drawings she made on the wall. After that she took Iris to see the Fraxure Iris battled with years prior.

Before Iris, Ash and Cilan left the city, Martha revealed that Drayden was the one who recommended Iris to leave the academy and go on a journey, and that he hopes that one day she will succeed him in being the Opelucid Gym Leader.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊東みやこ Miyako Itō
English Erica Schroeder
European Spanish Paloma Escola

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