Marina (Johto)

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マリナ Marina
Gender Female
Hometown New Bark Town
Region Johto
Trainer class Trainer and Coordinator
Anime debut The Legend of Thunder!
English voice actor Kelly Davis
Japanese voice actor Kazusa Murai

Marina (Japanese: マリナ Marina) is a trainer from New Bark Town. Her starter was a Totodile. She received her starter Pokémon at the same time as Jimmy and Vincent. Her Japanese voice actress is 村井かずさ Kazusa Murai, her English voice actress is Kelly Davis, and her Brazilian Portuguese voice actress is Letícia Quinto.

She appeared in The Legend of Thunder!, where she battled Attila and Hun to save Raikou with the help of Jimmy, Vincent, and Eusine. She loves cute Pokémon and cute nicknames (Little Pink for her Jigglypuff, for instance), and does synchronized movement with them when she calls them out. She appears to have somewhat of a crush on Jimmy.

Her goal, unlike most other trainers, is to be a "Pokémon Idol". The specifics of being a Pokémon Idol are never made clear in the anime, but it seems to entail putting on a show while battling. Notably, she first appeared before the debut of Pokémon Contests, though in recent appearances, she seems to have been retconned into being a Coordinator. However, she has entered the Silver Conference along with Jimmy a full year before Jackson.

She also loves men in capes, especially Lance, having a whole notebook full of pictures of him. She also has an attraction to Eusine as he wears a cape as well.

Recent appearances

Marina in a magazine

In the intro of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Marina is seen running by the coast with Lugia and her three Pokémon: Little Miss, Wani-Wani, and Little Pink.

In Not on My Watch Ya Don't, Marina appears on the cover of a magazine, modeling the Pokétch. This may imply her goal of becoming an idol has come true. Additionally, she makes another cameo appearance in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!, performing in a contest on Zoey's laptop. Marian calls her a top coordinator. This would imply she has a Contest Pass for either Johto or Sinnoh. Marina even appears to have her own merchandise; one of the customers to the café in Tanks for the Memories wears a t-shirt with Marina's face on it.


Totodile → Croconaw → Feraligatr


  • Her overall design is based on the heroine of Pokémon Crystal.
  • When Jackson (Vincent) appeared in the Silver Conference, he referred Marina and Jimmy as "Dani and Yoshi," leading many to believe that "Dani" was the official English name for Marina. Whether this was the original intention remains unknown. However, in The Legend of Thunder!, she is properly identified as Marina.
  • Besides her starter, all of Marina's known Pokémon evolve using an evolutionary stone.
  • Even though the specifics of being a Pokémon Idol are never made clear in the anime, a Trainer class introduced in Generation IV is known as Pokémon Idols. One of them, after battle, states "A Pokémon idol follows their fans, while a trainer follows their Pokémon".

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On hand:
160 Wani-Wani 
200 Little Miss 
039 Pink