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If you were looking for the the character in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, see Marilyn Flame.


Marilyn (Japanese: マリリン Marilyn) is a character of the day who appeared in Battling a Cute Drama!.

Marilyn is a Trainer who believes only Pokémon she finds to be cute are worthwhile. Beyond that, she prefers things being cuter in their own right, calling Dawn and Brock "Dawny" (Japanese: ヒカリン Hikarin) and "Brocky" (Japanese: タケリン Takerin) respectively, because she believed they were cuter names.

She only believes that a Pokémon is cute if its height is no more than 2 feet, if it has not evolved, and most importantly if it looks "absolutely lovely", as she doesn't consider everything that meets the latter two rules to be cute, including Mime Jr. and Piplup. Meowth also meets the height and evolutionary standards, although Marilyn didn't even seem to notice Meowth at any point.

After seeing Dawn's Buneary, she fawns over how cute it is (dismissing Piplup as not cute enough), and challenges Dawn to a battle. During the battle, she orders her Cherubi not to attack, in order to stall and keep the battling going so she could witness a "valiant battle". Brock gets irritated by Marilyn's superficial attitude towards Pokémon, and decides to teach her about the inner strength and beauty of Pokémon with a battle.

Marilyn claims her perception of "cute Pokémon" was altered to fit in more with normal convention, because she was teased as a child for believing the cutest Pokémon ever was Shellder, a sentiment none of her friends agreed with.


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This listing is of Marilyn's known Pokémon:

Marilyn's Cherubi
Cherubi is the Pokémon Marilyn used against Dawn's Buneary. It defeated Buneary, and later battled Brock's Sudowoodo. This second match was declared a tie by James, who was acting as referee.

Cherubi's known moves are Protect, Magical Leaf, Tackle, and Solar Beam.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Marilyn's Chingling
Chingling battled Brock's Croagunk and lost, despite putting on a good fight and Croagunk's double weakness.

Chingling's known moves are Growl and Confusion.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Marilyn's Shellder
Marilyn used to think Shellder was the cutest Pokémon, but people disagreed with her. After learning her lesson from Brock, she decided to use it against his Happiny. Before they could battle, though, Team Rocket interrupted the battle.

Shellder's known moves are Brine and Ice Beam.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!

Marilyn is in possession of a fourth Pokémon as its Poké Ball is seen, but she replaces it with Shellder instead during her and Brock's battle, making her fourth Pokémon unknown.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 後藤麻衣 Mai Gotō
English Bella Hudson
Czech Jana Páleníčková
Norwegian Anine Kruse
Polish Katarzyna Łaska
Spanish Latin America Rebeca Gómez
Spain Blanca Hualde


  • Marilyn dresses in the Sweet Lolita clothing style.
  • Another character, Lyra, referred to Dawn as Hikarin in the original Japanese version.

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