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Marigold (Japanese: モモッチ Momocchi) is one of the characters of the day in Clash of the Connoisseurs!. She is the daughter of a wealthy man whom she lives with in an enormous mansion just outside Chikakuno Town. Her father had hired both Cilan and Richard to help pick out her first Pokémon. Little did anyone know, Marigold already had a Pokémon friend that she played with secretly in her backyard. Cilan, Ash, and Iris eventually figured out it was a Foongus and she explained that she was afraid her father would not like it and kept it a secret from him. He did not mind at all, however, and she was allowed to keep Foongus as her friend.


Marigold's Foongus
Foongus is a Pokémon that Marigold played with secretly in her backyard. She was allowed to keep it as her friend at the end of the episode.

Foongus's only known move is Sweet Scent.

Debut Clash of the Connoisseurs!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 津田美波 Minami Tsuda

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