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Mariah and a Hoppip

Mariah (Japanese: アズサ Azusa) is a young meteorologist who was the character of the day of the anime in Foul Weather Friends.

She's from Johto and keeps a cluster of Hoppip in a cage so she can study their behavior and movement to predict wind patterns. She believes Hoppip have some sort of sixth sense that lets them predict weather patterns early.

She also has an Oddish that believes itself to be a Hoppip and is trained to track down her seven Hoppip whenever they're blown away.


Mariah's Hoppip
Hoppip (×7)
Mariah has seven Hoppip and maybe more, she keeps them in a cage and studies their behavior and movement to predict wind patterns. She also has an Oddish to track down any Hoppip that have blown away. One first appeared when it had been blown away and Mariah successfully captured it with a net and returned it to her bunch. She showed Ash and his friends that when a wind blows the Hoppip cluster together, and if two blow away it means its only 2 on the scale.

Later Team Rocket attacks using a fan to try to blow them away, but they are quickly taken back by Ash and his friends including Mariah and Oddish, and send Team Rocket blasting off. That night a tornado rips through the house and sends the Hoppip and Oddish flying away. Oddish is able to retrieve two but the other were captured by Team Rocket. When the group find Team Rocket, Oddish steps in and sends them blasting off and freeing the Hoppip.

Debut Foul Weather Friends
Mariah's Oddish
Mariah's Oddish is used to track down any Hoppip that have accidentally been blown away by the wind. It first appeared painted pink to disguise itself as a Hoppip, but its cover was blown when it tried to fly off a rock, landing face first. It is then revealed that Oddish is a little bit odd, spending most of its time with the Hoppip, for it wants to be just like them. It tries again, this time landing on a pile of hay crying. Suddenly Team Rocket attack using a fan to try to blow the Hoppip away, but are quickly taken back with the help of Ash and his friends including Mariah and Oddish, and send Team Rocket blasting off.

That night a tornado rips through the house and sends Oddish and the Hoppip flying away. Mariah thinks they have all gone, but finds Oddish nearby. Oddish is used to retrieve all the missing Hoppip around the area and successfully finds two. They find that Team Rocket have the rest and throws them to the ground, Staryu and Heracross are about to take charge, but Oddish steps in. Team Rocket think it's puny, but with its amazing attack is able to send Team Rocket blasting off single handed. In the end it decides being an Oddish is just what it wants to be.

Oddish's known moves are SolarBeam, Stun Spore and Sleep Powder.

Debut Foul Weather Friends

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 高橋美紀 Miki Takahashi
English Tara Jayne
Brazilian Portuguese Melissa Garcia
European Spanish Conchi López

In the manga

In the Ash and Pikachu manga

Mariah appears in Hoppip, the Wind Calls!! and is the first character of the day from the anime to appear in the Ash and Pikachu manga.


Mariah owns a Hoppip to study its behavior. Unlike the anime, it is unknown whether or not she has many of them.
Debut Hoppip, the Wind Calls!!


  • Her name is likely a reference to the song "They Call the Wind Mariah" from the musical Paint Your Wagon given that she is a weather researcher.
  • In Chuang Yi's English translation of the Ash and Pikachu manga, she is still known by her Japanese name, Azusa.

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