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The Mareep farmer

The Mareep farmer is a character of the day who appeared in Houndoom's Special Delivery.

While he was tending his Mareep, the Mareep farmer noticed his Houndoom, Doomy, with a Togepi on it. He finds out that the Togepi belongs to Misty and was grateful that she found it. However, Team Rocket come by and steal the Mareep farmer's Doomy by firing a net at it. Ash and his friends battled Team Rocket and freed Doomy. After Team Rocket's defeat, the Mareep farmer


The Mareep farmer has a Houndoom nicknamed Doomy. Doomy usually does some deliveries for the farmer while he tends the Mareep.

After Ash and his friends battle Team Rocket for the first time in the episode, Doomy notices that a Togepi was separated from its Trainer. It cheers Togepi up by giving it an apple. When a Pinsir comes by and attacked Togepi, Doomy scared it off and took Togepi with it as Togepi was crying. Doomy had many adventures with Togepi. It finally returned to its owner, the Mareep farmer who noticed that Doomy brought along Togepi. As Ash and his friends arrived, Misty thanked Doomy for taking care of Togepi. As soon as both Misty and Togepi reunite, Team Rocket arrive and fire a net at Doomy. Doomy vets freed by Chikorita's Razor Leaf and finishes the trio off with Flamethrower, blasting them off.

After their defeat, Doomy goes with the Mareep farmer when he was leading the group back on their way. Togepi felt sad that it had to leave its new friend behind but Houndoom wants it to stay with Misty. Togepi feels sad about it and goes with the group as they say their goodbyes.

Doomy's only known move is Flamethrower.

Debut Houndoom's Special Delivery
Mareep farmer's Mareep
The Mareep farmer has a ranch where he tends the Mareep.

None of their moves are known.

Debut Houndoom's Special Delivery

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