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Marcellus (Japanese: ヒチロ Hichiro) is a character of the day from the Pokémon anime who appeared in Octillery the Outcast. He lives in Scarlet City on Red Rock Isle.

Shortly before the Whirl Cup Competition began, Marcellus approached Ash and his friends, requesting a battle. He wanted his Remoraid to evolve into an Octillery so he could have a strong Pokémon for the competition. Misty agreed to a battle, saying she wanted to train her Corsola before the battle. She ended up losing the battle, and Marcellus's Remoraid evolved at the battle's end.

The next day, after the preliminary qualifying rounds, Ash and the others found Marcellus. He said that he lost the preliminaries and was now out of the competition. That night, he explained to them the reason why he lost; Marcellus owned a tank full of Remoraid, who were treating his newly-evolved Octillery differently. Marcellus was so upset about this, he couldn't concentrate on the battle.

Team Rocket came in to steal all of the Remoraid, but with the help of Octillery, Marcellus and the others were able to catch up to and save the Remoraid. After saving Octillery from falling, all of the other Remoraid evolved into Octillery.


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Marcellus's Remoraid

Marcellus's Octillery
Remoraid → Octillery (multiple)
Marcellus has multiple Octillery that all evolved from Remoraid. One of his Remoraid was the first to evolve, and the other Remoraid treated it differently until they evolved themselves. The first one that evolved first appeared as a Remoraid in a battle against Misty, with Marcellus hoping it would evolve for the Whirl Cup. Misty sent out her Corsola to battle it. Marcellus commanded Remoraid to use Water Gun, which Corsola countered with Mirror Coat, knocking Remoraid back but not knocking it out. Corsola went for a Tackle but Remoraid dove underwater, causing Corsola to hit one of the pillars. It seemed like Remoraid was nowhere to be seen, but soon it was spotted on a wave. Marcellus told Remoraid to use another Water Gun and this time it knocked Corsola out. This caused Remoraid to evolve into Octillery.

The next day Marcellus came to Ash and his friends and told them that his other unevolved Remoraid were acting strange to his new Octillery, using their Water Gun to push it away. Later that night, Team Rocket stole the Remoraid and escaped just when Marcellus noticed them, but his Octillery went after them and left a trail. Octillery found Team Rocket and smothered the trio. Team Rocket then hit the glass where the Remoraid were stored and it cracked and the glass broke. Octillery was luckily grabbed by the crane as Ash and his friends, including Marcellus arrived. Team Rocket where then sent blasting off.

All the experience made all of the Remoraid evolve at the same time, and Marcellus's first Octillery and the newly evolved ones became friends.

Octillery's only known move is Water Gun; one of them also knows Surf and Octazooka.

Debut Octillery the Outcast

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤ゆうこ Yūko Satō
English Amy Birnbaum
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Jr.
European Spanish Marisa Marco

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