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Marcel (Japanese: マッキー McKee) is a character of the day who appeared in The Garden of Eatin'.

The owner of the Banana Slakoth Garden, Marcel was in the middle of a big problem when Ash and his friends showed up. The Garden had been closed due to a Snorlax eating all of the bananas in the park. To make matters worse, whenever any Pokémon tried to battle with the Snorlax, it would use Yawn and make them fall asleep.

Marcel was just about to give up when Brock suggested that he capture a Slakoth from the Garden and evolve it into a Vigoroth. His reasoning was because of Vigoroth's Vital Spirit Ability. This would prevent it from falling asleep.

Taking his advice, Marcel captured a Slakoth, and, after battling Ash's Pikachu, Torkoal and Grovyle, it evolved. Using the Wild Monkey Pokémon, Marcel battled the Snorlax and successfully captured it.

After opening the park, Marcel revealed that Snorlax had given him an idea. One of the rooms was designed for visitors to sleep if they were feeling tired, and Marcel's newly captured Snorlax helped them fall asleep using Yawn.

Ash and the others bid farewell to Marcel and continued to Lilycove City.


This is a listing of Marcel's known Pokémon:

Marcel's Slakoth

Marcel's Vigoroth
Slakoth → Vigoroth
Marcel caught his Vigoroth as a Slakoth. He intended for it to battle with a Snorlax that was eating everything in the Banana Slakoth Garden. As a Slakoth, it was the leader of the whole group. It decided to be the one who would evolve after being convinced by Marcel. Slakoth battled with Marcel against Ash's Pokémon, and after continuously battling, it evolved into Vigoroth and battled Snorlax. After defeating it, Marcel captured the Snorlax.

Vigoroth's known moves are Counter, Scratch, Focus Energy, and Focus Punch, and its Ability is Vital Spirit.

Debut Garden of Eatin'
Marcel's Snorlax
Marcel's Snorlax first appeared as a wild Snorlax eating all the bananas in the Banana Slakoth Garden. He successfully captured it with his newly evolved Vigoroth.

Snorlax's known moves are Rest, Yawn, Hyper Beam, and Body Slam.

Debut Garden of Eatin'
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 梅津秀行 Hideyuki Umezu
English David Lapkin
European Spanish Eduardo Bosch

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