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Marble (Japanese: マーブル Marble) is a young Officer Jenny who appeared in Luxray Vision!. Her Japanese voice actress is 西村ちなみ Chinami Nishimura and her English voice actress is Meghan McCracken.

She met Ash, Dawn and Brock in front of an old mansion. Suddenly, her Luxray attacked Pikachu. After the battle was over, she called the security guards, because she thought they group were the thieves The Bandit Beauties Three (Japanese: The Three Beauties) that were trying to steal the Old Charm. She explains that she - the best Officer Jenny student - was called by Matthew to protect the Old Charm from being stolen. Then, she tells that the Luxray she raised since it was a Luxio has a problem in learning Charge Beam. When the episode is ending, her Luxray finally learns Charge Beam, attacking Team Rocket along with Pikachu, making them blast off.

She often says "I was just going to say that!" or "Yeah! That's what I was going to say!" to cover up the fact she doesn't know something. When something bad happens, she complains "My career is over!".


The following is the listing of the Pokémon owned by Marble in the anime:


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